International Standards for Chinese Language Teachers

  • Introduction

    In order to promote the professional quality and teaching level of international Chinese language teachers, Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) organized to compile and developed the Standard for International Chinese Language Teachers (hereinafter referred to as the Standard). This action aims at the target of training a mass of qualified Chinese language teachers to satisfy the ever-growing demand for Chinese language learning in other countries.

    The Standard in overall describes the knowledge, competency and quality that an international Chinese language teacher should possess, aiming at a construction of a completed, scientific and normative standard system for international Chinese language teachers. This provides a basis for training such teachers, appraising their competencies and certificating their qualifications.

    The Standard consists of five modules. They are: (1) Linguistic knowledge and skills, including two standards: “Chinese linguistic knowledge and skills” and “foreign language linguistic knowledge and skills” which describe the linguistic knowledge and skills both in Chinese and foreign languages that an international Chinese language teacher should possess. (2) Cultures and communications, including two parts: “comparisons between Chinese cultures and between Chinese culture and foreign cultures”, and “cross-cultural communications”. This require such a teacher be acquainted with diversity of world cultures and know well the identity and difference between Chinese culture and those of other countries, and master the basic rules for cross-cultural communications. (3) Theory of the second language acquirement and study strategy This requires such a teacher understand the rules and features of those who are learning Chinese as the second language so as to help them successfully overcome the difficulties in learning Chinese. (4) Teaching methodology, including four standards: Teaching Method of Chinese Language, Testing and Evaluation, Curriculum, Teaching Program, Text Book and Its Supplement, and Modern Education Technique and Its Application. This requires such a teacher master the pedagogical theory and teaching methodology of teaching Chinese as the second language, and be competent both in teaching organization and practice. (5) Overall quality, mainly including the descriptions of a teacher’s professional quality, professional development ability and his/her professional ethics. The Standard refers to the latest research achievements such as those from TESOL made by teachers for teaching Chinese as the second language in other countries.

    The Standard has been published in November, 2007 by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press.

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