Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages

  • Introduction

    We decide to establish the Master's degree of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL) in order to improve the international promotion competence of Chinese language for the worldwide opening, reform and perfect the talent training system of international Chinese language teaching and cultivate the international and domestic professional talents, who use the Chinese language as a second language or as a foreign language for teaching purpose and adapt to the new tendency of Chinese language international promotion.

    "International Education of Chinese language" refers to the Chinese language teaching to the overseas speakers whose native language is non-Chinese. Its English title is "Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages" or MTCSOL for short.

    The teaching objective of MTCSOL is to cultivate the high-level, applicability and versatile talents who can adapt to the Chinese language international promotion task and are competent to use Chinese language as a second language or for foreign language teaching purpose.

    Recipient of MTCSOL degree should have solid cultural background of Chinese language which can be used as a second language or as a skill for foreign language teaching, a higher level of foreign language understanding and intercultural communicative capability

    On May 31, 2007, the State Council Academic Degree Committee Office released "the Notification about MTCSOL Experimental Education Work and Candidates Recommendation for Nationwide MTCSOL Advisory Committee" and approved 24 postgraduate cultivation institutions of Peking University, Renmin University of China, Beijing Normal University, Capital Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing Language and Culture University, Nankai University, Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, Heilongjiang University, Fudan University, East China Normal University, Shanghai International Studies University, Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University, Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central China Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, Jinan University, Sichuan University, Yunnan Normal University for the MTCSOL experimental education work.

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