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  • Overseas Chinese Teachers’ Training Program in China

    The Confucius Institute Headquarters(Hanban) sets up Overseas Chinese Teachers’ Training Program in China, subsidizing full-time and part-time Chinese teachers of Confucius Institutes/Classrooms and foreign universities, colleges and schools to attend training programs in China. In 2017, 21 Chinese Universities will provide 49 training courses aiming at teachers of diffident levels from different countries. The guideline is hereby notified as follows.

    Ⅰ. Application website

    For course information, please login the websites as below:


    Ⅱ. Premise for Opening a course

    Each course shall be opened with more than 15 students, with a duration of 1 to 4 weeks at any time of the year. Please send your application forms before May 31, 2017, and applications later than that will not be accepted.

    Ⅲ. Application Requirements

    Applicants shall be Chinese language teachers from overseas main universities, colleges and schools who are under the age of 60 and in good health conditions.

    Ⅳ. Application Procedures

    A. Choose a course online through the website (www.kzxylocalteacher.hanban.org) - Overseas Chinese Teachers’ Training Program in China;

    B. Submit the Application Form to a recommendation institution (a Confucius Institute/Classroom, or the Education/Culture Section (Office) of Chinese Embassy (Consulate-General));

    C. After the application being approved by the recommendation institution, non-native Chinese speaking applicants shall directly contact the host university in China to take a Chinese evaluation test to ensure the course matches their Chinese proficiency level. Applicants with the same level of HSK certificate required may register a course directly;

    D. Applicants may consult with the recommendation institution to check the status of their application.

    Ⅴ. Funding

    Tuitions, teaching materials expenses and accommodation (double room) will be covered by Hanban, while round-trip tickets shall be paid by yourselves.

    Ⅵ. Contact Details

    Division of Teachers

    SHEN Junli (010-58595740) E-mail:shenjunli@hanban.org

    Attachment: Application Form of Overseas Chinese Teachers’ Training Program in China

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