National Base for the International Promotion of Chinese Language

  • Introduction

    Aiming at issues in the international promotion of Chinese language like the weak basic research, small and low-quality teacher group and difficulty in learning Chinese language, major tasks are raised for the such bases to study the role of the construction of Confucius Institutes and the international promotion of Chinese language in the country's soft power construction and the sustainable development strategy, realize the reform and innovation of international Chinese language teachers, textbooks and teaching methods both theoretically and practically and hoist Chinese language's ability of cultural research and spread.

    Foundations in selecting the base construction units are: A. of leading and exemplary ability to drive and influence the overall situation; B. of strong willing with good basis and distinct features; C. able to bring notable effects in a short period of time through the nation's financial support and by their own.

    So far, 19 international promotion base of Chinese language have been established around the country, and they are as follows:


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