"Chinese Bridge" For UK Schools

  • For UK Schools

    Introduction to "Chinese Bridge for UK Schools"

    To implement the Memorandum of Understanding on Chinese-British Cooperation in Chinese Education signed by Hanban with the Department for Education and Skills of UK, and promote Chinese teaching in UK, Hanban, in cooperation with the British Council, will invite 100 primary and secondary school principals and educational officials from UK to visit China each year.

    The program aims to help principals and educational officials in UK learn more about China, encourage the growth of Chinese language programs in their schools, and promote cooperation with their Chinese counterparts. Since its launch in 2007, a total of 450 principals and educational officials have been invited through the program to visit China.

    1. Arrangements

    During their visit to China, the delegates will attend a welcoming ceremony held in Beijing and lectures on Chinese culture given by well-known scholars invited by Hanban. Then, they will go to visit primary and secondary schools in different provinces, learn about Chinese society, and hold meetings with Chinese educators.

    2. Expense

    The participants are responsible for their own international travel expenses and visa fees. Hanban will cover the participants' food, accommodation and domestic transportation in China.

    3. Application Process

    The British Council will announce the program regularly and accept applications.

    5. Contact information of Hanban

    Zhao Jiajia

    Tel: 010-58595964

    Fax: 010-58595957

    E-mail: zhaojiajia@hanban.org

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