Application Procedure

  • Guidance to Establish A Confucius Institute/An Independent Confucius Classroom


    Bidding Chinese and foreign institutions shall read thoroughly the related documents including the Constitution and By-laws of the Confucius Institutes and the template of the Agreement for Establishment of the Confucius Institutes to fully understand the nature, mission, scope of business, mechanism of cooperation and investment plans of the Confucius Institute. 



    Both institutions determine if certain requirements are met.

    1. For the foreign institution, requirements shall include but not limited to:

    a. Be a legally registered local entity and have access to resources to engage in teaching and cultural exchange activities and to provide public services.

    b. Be situated in a place where there is adequate demand for learning the Chinese language and culture.

    c. Sufficient human resources, classrooms/offices, facilities and equipments for daily operations.

    d. Sufficient startup funding and steady follow-up financing.

    2. For the Chinese institution, requirements shall include but not limited to:

    a. Leadership of the institution attaches high importance, gives full support to the Confucius Institute/Classroom and incorporates it into the institution's comprehensive development plan.

    b. Be adequate for all preparations of the Confucius Institute and have established academic system to ensure the Confucius Institute's sustainability.

    c. Be able to dispatch enough qualified Chinese Directors and teachers, and related supporting policies are in place.

    d. Well connected with the bidding foreign institution and have relatively high-level exchanges in the regard of internationalization.



    The following bidding documents shall be provided by the foreign institution:

    a. Cover letter for application signed by chief of the institution.

    b. Proposal with contents including but not limited to: a) Introduction to the Institution and its current situations regarding Chinese language teaching; b) Demand estimation and running plans of future programs; c) Available classrooms/offices for the Confucius Institute; d) fund-raising and management plans; e) other materials required by the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

    Please note that Chinese version of all documents shall be provided. A Chinese partner institution can be designated in the proposal and if so, introduction to current collaborations and exchanges between the institutions shall be enclosed.

    The following bidding documents shall be provided by the Chinese institution:

    a. Official bidding letter signed by the chief of the institution. Universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education shall send the files to the Headquarters directly; others shall submit via local provincial Departments of Education or municipal Education Commissions.

    b. List of Chinese Director and teacher candidates.

    c. Other relevant materials indicating its capacity for sustainable running of the Confucius Institute. 



    Education/Culture/Politics Sections of Chinese Embassies/Consulates provide opinions. 



    The Headquarters assemble a group of experts to review the bidding plans, proposals and both institutions in terms of certain criteria.



    Once approved, the Headquarters sign agreements for establishing the Confucius Institute/Classroom with both institutions respectively. 



    Both institutions sign an executive agreement for the Confucius Institute/Classroom.

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