Confucius Institute in Brussels Belgium

1)General Information:

Confucius Institute in Brussels was Belgium's first Confucius Institute. In March, 2005, Hanban signed cooperation agreement with the Belgian-Chinese Association, in September, the program commenced officially. In August, 2009, Hanban and the Belgian-Chinese Association extended their agreement. The Chinese collaborating institution is Beijing Foreign Studies University.

2)Teaching activities :

The Confucius Institute has 8 distinguished courses, including junior level, mid level and advanced Chinese Language courses for the general public; business language & culture courses; Chinese literacy courses for children aged from 8 to 15; history, handwritting, qigong, martial arts and other specialized courses for Chinese Culture amateurs. At the same time, Confucius Institute has opened Chinese language courses of numerous styles in colleges and secondary schools. Registered students exceeded 250 in 2009.

3)Cultural & Miscellaneous Activities.

Confucius Institute has held a series of lectures on Chinese culture, the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition, the Peoples Republic of China's 60th Anniversary Celebration Concert; it has taken part in the Belgium International Language Festival and "Europa-China" Arts Festival. In 2009 more than 13,000 people participated in activities organized by the Confucius Institute in Brussels.

4)Contact Information :

Institut Confucius de Bruxelles - Association Belgique-Chine

Rue des Capucins, 30

1000 Bruxelles


Zhang Guoxian, Koen Segers,


Tel: +32-02-2171062

Fax: +32-02-5027715