Confucius Institute at the University of Kelaniya

General information

Established in May of 2007, The Confucius Institute at University of Kelaniya is a collaborative project between University of Kelaniya(UOK)and Yunnan University of Nationalities(YUN).

Teaching activities

The institute has opened such language skill courses as Comprehensive Chinese, Oral Chinese, Audio-visual Chinese. Such cultural courses as Chinese Culture and Chinese Movies are also available in the institute. Besides, Oral Chinese will be available as selective course for all staff and students at UOK, and as the intensive training course for the other learners in Sri Lanka. In view of the reality of the students, the institute offers Chinese Extra Guidance. In addition, the institute provides such short-term courses as Chinese Tea Ceremony and Chinese Calligraphy to meet the interests of the learners. The institute plans to open Chinese Kongfu as university-level selective course for the students of UOK and as an experience course for the others learners in Sri Lanka after the volunteer teachers come to the institute at the end of 2009.

Cultural activities

The institute has held a large number of cultural activities,in order to let students 'sense with eyes, make with hands and experience with mind'. Therefore, the institute implemented activities themed 'Chinese Perspective' from Monday through Friday from Sept.1 to Nov.1. During the 50th anniversary of the founding of UOK, the institute instructed the students from Chinese classes in the Department of Modern Languages at UOK on the performance of ‘Guanyin with one thousand hands’and the singing of the song ‘Beijing welcomes you’. The social activity of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of China strengthened the friendship between China and Sri Lanka. With the series of lectures on Chinese culture, the Sri Lankan teachers and students experienced the profundity of Chinese culture. The on-going ‘Chinese practice world’ provides a good forum for those shy Sri Lankan teachers and students to communicate face to face in Chinese.

Contact Information

Contact information for the Confucius Institute at UOK, Sri Lanka: Director from Chinese side Yang Chaorong E-mail: Office telephone(Fax): +94-11-2906213 Director from UOK side: Prof. Kulatilaka.Kumarasinghe Office telephone:+94-11-2911913 Fax: +94-11-2908787