Confucius Institute at University of Tehran

General information

Established in August of 2008, The Confucius Institute at The University of Teheran is a collaborative project between The University of Teheran and Yunnan University of China.

Teaching activities

Chinese As a Second Language Class Basic Chinese Ancient Chinese Chinese Literature Business Chinese Comprehensive Chinese Modern Chinese Wushu Chinese

Cultural activities

1.Visited Fileduoxi Humanities School in Mashi Ha ty and introduced the Confucius Institute Program 2.Visited Shahid Beheshti University and discussed,cooperating about Confucius Class Room 3. Visited private foreign language school and discussed Cooperating about Confucius Classroom 4.The first Libai Poem Association Conference 5.Taiji Research Seminar 6.‘Wushu Chinese’ Introducing and development 7.Take a Chinese name and learn to use Chinese chopsticks activities 8.Iran Wushu Competition 9.Chinese Culture week

Contact Information

Contact Person: 姚继德 Add: Confucius Institute, Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Tehran, North Kareghar Ave, Tehran, Iran Tel: 0098-21-61119223 E-mail: