Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University

General information

The agreement for the establishing of Confucius Institute was signed on May 28th 2007 between Tel Aviv University represented by its president, Professor Itamar Rabinovich, and the office of Chinese language council international (Hanban) represented by Chinese ambassador in Israel Mr. Zhaojun. The Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University is the first Confucius Institute established in Israel and its Chinese courses started On November 2007. The Chinese partner institution is Renmin University of China.

Teaching activities

1.Beginning Chinese General Public Course 2.Intermediate Chinese General Public Course 3.The Original Reading of Modern Chinese Fictions 4.Elementary School Chinese-Language Enhancement Program 5.High School Chinese-Language Enhancement Program

Cultural activities

1.Chinese New Year Party 2.Inter-University Chinese Oral Competition 3.Chinese Calligraphy seminar and Public Exhibition 4.Chinese Qin performance

Contact Information

Address: Confucius Institute and Department of East Asia Studies Gilman 461 Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv 69978 Israel Contact persons:Prof. Meir Shahar Oded Abt Telephone number: 972-3-6405952 Fax number: 972-3-6405950 Email address: