Chinese Cultural Experience Events Held at Schools of Stawell

[Source]    The Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2020-12-31 16:21:02 

Local time December 8, Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College, and Lingna Shang, a Chinese teacher, drove to Stawell, about 120kms from Ballarat, and held Chinese cultural experience events at local schools.

At about 8:15am, Jijun Yang and Lingna Shang reached Stawell Secondary College and met Murray Hart, Vice-Principal, and Ling Zhao, Director of Chinese Language Section. Jijun Yang, on behalf of the Confucius Classroom, delivered Riverside Scene during Qingming Festival, a silk painting, as a gift, to Mr. Murray Hart, who accepted it and expressed his sincere thanks.

On December 8, Jijun Yang is giving a silk painting to Murray

Then Jijun Yang gave some Chinese books as awards to Melissa, a First Prize winner of the 13th “Chinese Bridge”Chinese Proficiency Competition. On behalf of Jenny Bromley, Vice- Principal of Mount Clear College and Chinese Director of Confucius Classroom, he also gave her a box of Chinese artworks as a gift, and encouraged her to work hard at Chinese Language and make contributions to friendship between Australia and China. Melissa promised that she would work hard and be an Australian-Chinese friendship ambassador in the future. She also said that she had decided to further her education in China after finishing her secondary college study.

On December 8, Jijun Yang is giving awards and gifts to Melissa

From 9:00 to 12:00, Jijun Yang and Lingna Shang, with the help of Li Yongyou, a Chinese teacher, and Melissa, held three Chinese cultural experience events, attended by Year 7 students. Jijun Yang taught them Taichi and Martial Arts outside the classroom. He also introduced the flute and Hulusi, two traditional Chinese musical instruments, and played Azalea and Amazing Grace. Lingna Shang taught the students paper-cutting, ink-blowing painting and bookmark-making. All the students were so interested and concentrated on their work, having produced beautiful artworks.

On December 8, Lingna Shang is teaching students paper-cutting at Stawell Secondary College

At 1:30pm, Jijun Yang and Lingna Shang reached Stawell West Primary School. They also taught two prep-classes paper-cutting, ink-blowing painting and bookmark-making. Although they were very young, they were good at hands-on work and created a lot of fantastic artworks.

On December 8, Jijun Yang is teaching students Martial Art

Everybody felt happy although tired after the whole day’s events. They promised Ling Zhao to come and support their cultural events at Stawell again next year.


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