Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College Holds Chinese Cultural Experience Event at Lal Lal Primary School

[Source]    The Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2020-12-31 16:23:06 

Local time December 9, Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College, and Lingna Shang, a Chinese teacher, held a Chinese cultural experience event at Lal Lal Primary School.

At about 9:00am, Jijun Yang started to teach the students Taichi and Martial Arts outside the classroom. It seems that they were more interested in Martial Art and asked Jijun Yang to teach them again and again.

On December 9, Jijun Yang is teaching students Martial Art at Lal Lal Primary School

After Jijun Yang’s teaching, all the students went back into the classroom. Lingna Shang taught them ink-blowing painting of the plum blossom. She explained the features of the flower, saying that it is seen as a symbol of winter and harbinger of spring, and is viewed as blooming most vibrantly amidst the winter snow, exuding an ethereal elegance and symbolizing perseverance and hope, as well as beauty and purity.

Then she demonstrated how to use a straw, ink, and red paint to produce a painting of the flower on a piece of paper. All the students were so interested and started their own creation. They concentrated on their work attentively, having created a lot of fantastic artworks. Some of them even produced two or three paintings.

On December 9, students are enjoying ink-blowing painting at Lal Lal Primary School

The activity turned out to be very successful, having deepened the students’ understanding of Chinese culture and inspired their motivation of learning Chinese.


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