Mount Clear College Starts Acts of Kindness towards the Aged-care Community

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2020-09-04 14:25:41 

Local time August 26, Mount Clear College launched an activity of offering kindness to the local aged-care community, inspired by the acts of kindness of Jijun (Jack) Yang, the Chinese Director of Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College.

Jijun Yang's Taichi show clip on Facebook

At the beginning of this year, Jijun Yang contacted an aged-care centre in Ballarat and started Traditional Chinese culture experiences at the centre including the show of flute and Hulusi (a traditional Chinese musical instrument), Chinese calligraphy, Baduanjin and Taichi.

At the end of March, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the activity had to be transferred to Zoom and has since been hosted by Jijun Yang every Wednesday afternoon.

At the beginning of July, the second wave of the pandemic began to terribly hit the aged-care community, causing severe depression of the elderly people. Jijun Yang reported the situation to Jenny Bromley, Assistant Principal and Director of Confucius Classroom. The school decided to start a random act of kindness towards the aged-care community over a two-week period from August 26 to September 6, including Create a window sill garden, Write a letter of postcard, Film a song or musical piece, Create a bird feeder etc.

The school has also made two videos of Taichi show and Baduanjin and Massage show conducted by Jijun Yang, which will be sent to the aged-care community for their use.

On August 26, Year 7 to 11 students from Mount Clear College watched the video of Taichi at their mentor class, initiating the school's acts of kindness towards the aged-care community in Ballarat.