Wadestown School Holds Zongzi Making Workshop

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand [Time]    2020-07-02 11:13:15 

On June 26th, Wadestown School held Zongzi Making Workshop.The workshop was hosted by Ms. Hu Xin. Nearly 90 Chinese students took part in the activity.

Before that, these students spent two weeks learning about the Dragon Boat Festival. Students understand the meaning of the Dragon Boat Festival and origin, also understand the differences in the customs of the North and south. Also practice writing 'zongzi, Dragon Boat Festival' and so on. The students were especially excited on the day of zongzi. Some of them saw zongye, jiangmi and jujube for the first time. Although zongzi is actually very difficult for children to make, but everyone is very careful to listen to The teacher Hu explained, as much as possible to wrap the dumplings well. The children also asked many curious questions, such as: 'Is it ok to eat zongye? Can jiangmi be eaten raw? Can meat be cooked? How long will the zongzi be cooked? 'and so on. Not only are the children excited to learn the traditional culture of the Dragon Boat Festival, the school's deputy principal Nick is also very supportive, helping the Chinese teacher patiently teach the children to make zongzi, although this is his first time to make a bag, but the bag looks like.

Look! my beautiful Zongzi

At the end of the activity, Nick, the vice principal, said that although the school has only been learning Chinese for two years, the interest of students is extremely high. He thinks that learning Chinese and Chinese culture is especially important for seventh and eighth graders, so that they can better become the Chinese language talents of the 21st century.