The Virtual National Chinese Language Conference 2020 Opened Successfully, 4,000 Chinese Teachers in the United States Discuss the Innovation and Development of International Chinese Language Education

[Source]     [Time]    2020-06-28 17:35:59 

At 22: 00 on June 24th, Beijing time and 10: 00 on June 24th, US ET, the Virtual National Chinese Language Conference 2020 was successfully convened. The conference was sponsored by the Asia Society and the College Board, and organized by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of China. Due to the spread of the coronavirus (covid-19), the conference was held online for the first time in 13 years. More than 4,000 Chinese teachers and educators in the United States actively registered, and the number of participants hit a new record.

The heads of the sponsors and organizers of the three conferences delivered speeches at the opening ceremony, expressing their gratitude to the Chinese teachers who stuck to their teaching posts during the epidemic, and wishing the conference a complete success.

Dr. Ma Jianfei, Director General of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of China, said in his speech that during the epidemic, Chinese language educators around the world overcame many difficulties and actively carried out online teaching, which gave birth to a new model of online Chinese education. The Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of China has also launched the "ChinesePlus" digital cloud service platform, which supported Chinese education enterprises to launch projects such as "Network Chinese Classroom" and "Chinese Learning and Testing Center", which have been welcomed and paid attention by all parties. Dr. Ma also looked forward to having in-depth exchanges with all participants and jointly cultivating new forms of international Chinese education in the future.

Ma Jianfei pointed out that this global public health crisis has made people more deeply understand the significance of developing language education, deepening international understanding, and uniting and cooperating to build a community of a shared future for mankind. Only when people in different countries understand each other and multi-cultures blend together can human society progress and develop. Nothing can replace the fundamental and unique role of language (foreign language) education, and no one can stop the historical trend of language communication and cooperation. It is the common mission and responsibility of language educators to cultivate the next generation with global vision, world feelings and cross-language and cross-cultural abilities.

Ma Jianfei said that China is a native country of Chinese language. As a professional institution supporting international Chinese language education, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of China will uphold the concept of openness, inclusiveness, and respect, trust, and strive to provide assistance to people from all over the world in learning Chinese as much as possible. In particular, the Center for Language Education and Cooperation hopes to continue to increase cooperation with relevant institutions in the United States, jointly build a more focused, pragmatic, and efficient new model of China-US language exchange, and make efforts to promote cultural exchanges between China and the United States and enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples.

Anthony Jackson, Vice President of the Asia Society, pointed out in his speech that during the difficult period, American and Chinese teachers showed extraordinary professionalism. They overcame difficulties, actively sought methods in online virtual environment, and accomplished teaching tasks excellently. At present, people have reached a broad global consensus on eliminating the unfair phenomenon, i.e. curbing systematic racism in the United States and even the global society. It is more important than ever to build a communication channel of mutual understanding and inclusiveness between different cultures through language teaching. By continuing to teach Chinese language, we are contributing to eliminating systematic racism and creating a better world.

Linda Liu, Vice President of the College Board, delivered a speech, saying that in the period full of anxiety and pressure, Chinese and American educators attending the conference could persist in providing guidance and support to students and their families, which encouraged and inspired us greatly. The College Board also launched the online AP exam and nearly 15,000 candidates took part in the AP Chinese exam, with an increase of 3% compared with last year, which was largely attributed to the unremitting support of Chinese teachers to students. Linda Liu would like to thank the staff of the organization committee, the Asia Society, especially the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of China for their support in holding the Virtual National Chinese Language Conference 2020. And she also expressed her gratitude to the Chinese teachers for their persistence during the epidemic, and wished the conference a success.

The conference consists of two plenary sessions, “Innovation During a Time of Change: Teaching Strategies and Instruction” and “Authentic Materials in Traditional and Virtual Chinese Language Instruction”, as well as 21 sub-sessions on online Chinese course design and strategy, new technology application in classroom and Chinese teaching evaluation and the like. At the same time, there are online teaching resources exhibition and product display.

Since 2008, the National Chinese Language Conference has been held once a year, which is the largest Chinese language education seminar unanimously recognized by American educational circle and an important cornerstone for the future development of China-US relations.