Confucius Institute at the University Of Nairobi Successfully Holds Handover Ceremony for Its New Building

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi, Kenya [Time]    2020-06-04 16:22:59 

The handover ceremony for the China-aided building of the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi was held on May 29th at the University of Nairobi. George Magoha, Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Education, Vijoo Rattansi, Chancellor for the University of Nairobi, Julia Ojiambo, Chairperson of the Council of the University of Nairobi, Stephen Kiama, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nairobi attended the meeting. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Wu Peng, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya, Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and Zhong Yinghua, President of Tianjin Normal University, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches through video talk.

The visit to the new building guided by the director of the Confucius Institute

On behalf of the Kenyan government, Cabinet Secretary Magoha first thanked the Chinese government for the precious gift—the Confucius Institute building. He reviewed the close cooperation with the Confucius Institute Headquarters during his tenure as the president of the Nairobi University and Member of the Council of Confucius Institute Headquarters, and positively affirmed the achievements made by the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi since its establishment 15 years ago. He believed that only by mutual understanding can both sides enhance mutual friendship. The Confucius Institute is playing an increasingly important role in promoting mutual understanding between the two peoples. He said that the Kenyan government will continue to steadfastly conduct trade and cultural exchanges with China and look forward to cooperating with China in more fields in the future.

Video meeting at the handover ceremony

In his speech, Ambassador Wu Peng said that China attaches great importance to friendly exchanges with Kenya, especially in education as well as people-to-people and cultural exchanges. He emphasized that China is committed to working hand in hand with the Kenyan government and people so as to strengthen all-round cooperation and push China-Kenya relations towards a better future.

Deputy Chief Executive Ma Jianfei extended congratulations on the completion and smooth handover of the new building, and thanked Kenya for its care and sympathy to the Chinese personnel during this special period. He pointed out that the new building will open a new chapter for Chinese teaching in Kenya, make new contributions to people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and Kenya, and mark a brilliant mark for practicing the community of shared future for China and Africa.

President Zhong Yinghua reviewed the fruitful achievements made by the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi over the past 15 years, hoping that both sides could continually follow to the idea of friendship, cooperation, development and win-win results, further deepen bilateral cooperation, and promote the Confucius Institute to train more talents and play a greater role.

On behalf of the University of Nairobi, Chairperson Julia Ojiambo expressed gratitude to all parties for their support, and paid tribute to the Kenyan and Chinese staff who are working on the smooth handover of the building during the outbreak of COVID-19.

After the speech, the two sides signed the handover document for the new building and took a group photo online.

The on-site and online signing of handover documents by both sides

A group photo via video talk

The handover ceremony has attracted wide attention from local media outlets. YouTube and Facebook conducted a live webcast of the handover ceremony. KBC, Nairobi University, and the Confucius Institute reported the event on different media platforms.