Join Hands to Fight the Pandemic! Let’s Get Through It Together!

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2020-03-19 09:41:01 

The spread of the novel coronavirus continues to be the focus of countries around the world. Since its outbreak, China has made tremendous efforts to combat it and timely shared information and experience with the international community, which is of great significance to the prevention and control of its global outbreak. Many people also said that in this pandemic, the people of the world have witnessed the determination and courage of Chinese government to overcome the virus. The new pneumonia plague is a common challenge faced by all mankind and requires the concerted efforts of the international community.

America: Contribute Our Strength to Fight the Pandemic

In the wake of the pandemic outbreak in Wuhan, Fang Jialin, a volunteer from the Confucius Institute at Alfred University in the United States, took a new task: reporting on the situation in Wuhan to her Tai Chi class, collecting donations and sending them in batches to China.

Fang Jialin's home is in Wuhan. At the beginning of the outbreak, the students in her Tai Chi class were very concerned about the safety of her family. Once they saw Fang Jialin, they gathered around and asked about her family.

After learning about the shortage of medical protective supplies in Wuhan, Lana Meissner, a member of Tai Chi class, proposed to donate supplies for Wuhan, and the trainees responded immediately. “We know Wuhan is short of medical supplies. We need to do something for the city.”

Lana also sent a group email to members not present, urging them to help Wuhan by “donating materials and donations”. Theresa Brown, also a member of the class, led a Tai Chi interest group in Wellsville to introduce everyone to the situation in Wuhan and ask for donations.

Christopher Jordan, a member of the Tai Chi class, procured some medical supplies through various means and sent them to the Confucius Institute. “I hope my limited power can help the people of Wuhan tide over the difficulties.”

Amanda Oglesbee, another student from the class, recalled with affection: “My husband Brian Oglesbee and I went to Wuhan for the first time in 2015. In 2016, Brian opened a photography course for graduates at Wuhan University of Technology. We stayed there for another two months, and it was a wonderful time. I will never forget the generosity, beauty, and warmth of the people there, and the rich experiences we had. With hope and faith every day, we care about Wuhan, and believe that everything will be better and better!”

At the Confucius Institute at Rutgers University in New Jersey, people expressed their support for China on the Confucius Institute’s Facebook page! Cheer for China!

In Canada, students in the Chinese class of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton cheered the Chinese people fighting the novel pneumonia pandemic by recording videos. Vytautas Mikelionis, a student of the Confucius Institute in Edmonton, said: “Smash the virus like a snowball. Come on, Wuhan! Come on, China!”

At the Confucius Institute at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago, students also conveyed their blessings and encouragement to Wuhan and China by recording videos.

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