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Teacher of the Confucius Institute at the University of Rome: “It Is My Honor to Contribute My Efforts”

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2020-03-18 10:04:37 

At present, novel coronavirus spreading in various countries is worrying. Under the urgent request from Italy for help, China sends there a team of experts to provide medical assistance. A race against time has started...

A Teacher in Confucius Institute Entrusted with a Mission at This Critical Moment

On the evening of March 12 in Italy, a team of nine medical experts from China's National Health Commission and the Red Cross Society of China arrived at Fiumicino airport in Rome, with 31 tons of medical supplies.

Hours before the group's arrival, Chen Chen, a teacher sent by China from the Confucius Institute at the University of Rome and director of the Confucius Class at Convitto Nazionale di Roma, received an urgent call from the Italian Red Cross, asking if she could help to do the Chinese-Italian translation for the coming experts.

“The Italian Red Cross made a call to Matheny, foreign dean of the Confucius Institute at the University of Rome, hoping to find an expert proficient in Chinese and Italian to translate for them. Professor Matheny discussed it with Professor Paul, executive dean of the institute, and then decided to recommend me for the work," said Chen, and the situation remained fresh in her memory.

After Chen received the call, the pick-up time was just hours away. "At that moment, I was pressed for time and I didn't get much specific information about the translation," Chen recalled, and she did not have time to prepare. After reporting to the dean, she put on a mask and set out.

When Chen arrived at the airport, the Chinese personnel were already there. As soon as the plane landed, everyone took out their phones and cameras to record this exciting moment.

"We are very excited when we see the Chinese experts. We also feel very sorry for them after learning that they have been fighting against the epidemic for more than a month, and we are especially touched and grateful for their efforts." Chen said.

Chinese ambassador to Italy, director of the Italian Ministry of Health and chairman of the Italian Red Cross extended a warm welcome to the Chinese panel. Chen Chen helped the Italian Red Cross with all the translation and communication between the Italian side and the Chinese team that night.

The next morning, the Chinese experts communicated with the medical experts of Italian Red Cross to learn more about the current epidemic situation in Italy.

Later, Chinese expert team, Li Junhua, Chinese ambassador to Italy, and Italian foreign minister Di Maio attended a press conference together at the headquarters of the Italian Red Cross in Lazio region and answered questions from the Italian journalists. The conference was broadcast live on the Internet by Corriere Della Sera, Italy's largest newspaper, bringing the voice of the Chinese experts to the Italian people in the first place.

Chen Chen undertook the translation of the whole press conference, and assisted the communication between Chinese experts and Italian experts and journalists.

“It’s my honor to contribute efforts.”

Chen said that in spite of the tight schedule and the heavy task, "I will try my best to help the Chinese team communicate with the Italian side smoothly."

"The first time I wear this mask I feel very uncomfortable. I couldn't breathe well and it was difficult to translate on the spot. When I think of our medical workers on the front line, wearing more airtight protective clothing for long periods of time to perform intensive work, I can understand their hardship and difficulty better, " Chen said.

The arrival of the Chinese experts attracted a lot of local attention. Chen's students and friends were both proud and worried when they learned that Chen was interpreting for the Chinese medical team.

“My friends, as well as some unacquainted net friends, have left messages after seeing the video, asking me to take precautions. Some of my colleagues also shared experience like how to choose and wear a mask. Many domestic cooperating units and friends have sent me messages asking if I need more masks and they can send some to me. After watching the news conference broadcast live, many students send me screenshots of the video and greetings, which moves me a lot."

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