Elderly People Experience Chinese Language and Culture at Aged Care Centre

[Source]    The Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2020-03-11 09:30:02 

Local time 2nd March, Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College, and Lingna Shang, a teacher of Chinese, went to the Aged Care of Ballarat Health Centre and held an event of Chinese language and culture experience.

The event started at the Activity Room at 3:00 pm. Jijun Yang played Azalea, a well-known Chinese song, and Amazing Grace on the Hulusi, a traditional Chinese musical instrument, having attracted a round of applause.

Jijun Yang is playing the Hulusi

After the music, Jijun Yang demonstrated Taichi and taught Baduanjin, one of the most common forms of Chinese Qigong used as exercise.

Jijun Yang is demonstrating and teaching Baduanjin

Jijun Yang is demonstrating Taichi

Then, Jijun Yang demonstrated Chinese calligraphy and taught 15 Chinese characters including “Shan”(hill), “Ri”(sun), “Yue”(moon) etc. After teaching, Jijun Yang held up each character and tested if all the characters had been remembered. Shockingly, the meanings of all of them were told by the elderly people, most of whom were over eighty. The magic structure of Chinese characters left a deep impression on everybody.

Jijun Yang and Lingna Shang are teaching Chinese characters

At 4:00pm, before the event concluded, everybody tasted Chinese tea prepared by Lingna Shang and expected the coming of the next experience of the Chinese language and culture.


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