“Tackle Current Difficulties Hand in Hand”
Presidents and Scholars of Universities from Other Countries Express Support and Encouragement for China

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2020-03-03 10:42:05 

The ongoing situation of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has pulled at the heartstrings of the people around the world. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, teachers and students from Confucius Institutes and partner schools around the globe have been offering support and encouragement in their ways. It is regards from all over the world that make us believe we are not alone to fight against the disease and we will overcome the current difficulties through joint hands.

Work Hand in Hand to Defeat the COVID-19

Edmund Mukalla, Director of Africa Department of UNESCO World Heritage Center, has lived and worked in China for 16 years. 2018 saw that he was hired as a senior consultant at the Teacher Training Center of the Confucius Institute at Beijing Language and Culture University. The epidemic deeply makes he worried and he thus specially wrote a letter to express his concern and wishes.

“China is facing severe challenges and I would like to express my sincere concern to all who have experienced tough days recently. The spread of the new coronavirus during the Chinese New Year has caused you to lose the happiness and joy to bring the whole family together. I’d like to express my sympathy to all families, especially those who have lost the loved ones.

Meanwhile, as always, I maintain a firm confidence in China. Because China has shown its ability to tackle onerous challenges during 5000 year long history. And I saw how China developed rapidly almost without help from other countries when living here in the 1980s.

I believe that China will win the battle against the virus once again with the experience accumulated in 5000 years of history. It’s proved that challenges only make China more resilient. Stay strong Wuhan! Stay strong China!"

Aleksandr Rudolfovich Naumov, Rector of Kostroma State University in Russia, said that teachers and students of the university care about how the Chinese people fight against the novel coronavirus and send their sympathies to them. We are sure that the disease will be defeated by emergency measures from China, Russia and other countries.

Also, I would send my greetings to the Chinese students who were stranded in our country due to the COVID-19. We will do all possible to help them continue to study through the remote teaching mode, and to ensure that they successfully complete their studies, and I wish them all the best. Wish all Chinese students and all Chinese people good health!”

In Australia, Professor Barry Marshall, a student of the Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia and the Nobel Prize winner in medicine, also sent his sincere greetings to the Chinese people. “I have visited beautiful Wuhan for many times, and it has left a deep impression on me. Top class universities and advanced technology there are helpful in that I know intelligent people in Wuhan will take advantage of them well to defeat the novel coronavirus.” said he.

It is sure that the Chinese people will win the battle against the virus. People of other countries look forward to your victory soon. I expect to visit Wuhan again, too, and what I wish is to see more achievements in technology and vaccines in Wuhan after the epidemic. It’s believed that thoughts of people are with people in Wuhan to be in readiness for the final victory. Go China! Go Wuhan!

In the UK, Craig Simmons, Mayor of Oxford, and his wife also sent sincere blessings to the people of China and Wuhan through the video, noting that they always care about Chinese friends, and they hope all Chinese friend are well”.

In the US, Jennifer Bott, Provost and First Vice President of the Western Michigan University, noted that the outbreak and spread of the novel coronavirus in China not only put the people of Wuhan into an extremely tough situation, but also brought difficulties to people across China. On behalf of the Western Michigan University community, we send our concern and support from afar.

It’s hoped that people fighting against the novel coronavirus will return to your life at the earliest possible time. Look forward to celebrating the end of the tough days face to face. We know it is a difficult time for Chinese students far from their families to study in the university. Please trust us that we will take care of every student as we care about our children. Finally, she also expressed her most sincere wish in Chinese: "ZHONG GUO, JIA YOU! " 

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