Letter from Bryant University President Ronald K. Machtley to China University of Geosciences in Support of Pandemic Prevention

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Bryant University [Time]    2020-02-24 14:34:23 

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, college leaders and staff in Bryant University have given great attention and support to China’s prevention and control of the pandemic. On February 10th, President Ronald Machtley wrote a letter to Wang Yanxin, President of Bryant University’s cooperative university - China University of Geosciences (CUG), to express his keen concern and firm support to all his friends and colleagues fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention in Wuhan.

Letter from Bryant University President Ronald K. Machtley to China University of Geosciences on February 10th

In this heartfelt letter, Machtley has mentioned that he personally sympathized with the word “Wuhan” since it appeared in the news at the beginning of the outbreak. He has visited the beautiful city Wuhan for multiple times, and during years of in-depth and tight cooperation with CUG, he himself and his wife Kati have also forged a profound friendship with the people there. Walter Stepan, Former Council Member of Bryant University, has specifically called from Germany to ask if his friends are all right. During this week, they have heard a lot of heartrending stories about the tireless decisive battle between Wuhan medical staff and the virus, and witnessed the miracle of the two hospitals from draft to reality within only 10 days. He firmly believes that his friends and colleagues there will definitely conquer the virus. What happened in Wuhan, as well as colleagues and friends as far away as Wuhan, touches both Machtley and Stepan’s hearts all the time. Machtley even receives the latest news from Yang Hong, Vice President of Bryant University every day.

In February 7th, at the celebration of the Lunar New Year of Rat in Bryant University, Machtley looked back on the close cooperation between the two universities in the past years, including the successful running of the Confucius Institute, which is jointly constructed by two universities, and also the dragon dance team organized under the help of the teachers of CUG more than a decade ago, which has become the most popular characteristic student association of Bryant University and achieved high praise. Li Xiang, a student who initially participated in the exchange program between the two universities, has grown into an experienced educator and is now one of the important members of this cooperative program.

Machtley has specially talked about his concern to CUG and delivered his greetings to colleagues and friends there. “We’re tight together with Wuhan and CUG.” He expressed his confidence and best wishes for overcoming the epidemic, and led the entire audience to silence so as to manifest the reverence and support for the Chinese people.

Machtley also invited Wang Yanxin to convey his sincere wishes to all the staff in CUG, wishing everyone to have a better life in the near future. Machtley used pinyin to reiterate the warm words that he had attended the 60th anniversary of CUG seven years ago, which is “I love CUG! I love China!”

On behalf of Bryant University, Yang Hong, Vice President and Foreign Director of Confucius Institute, who is in charge of the national affairs of Bryant University, especially recorded video together with all Chinese overseas students in Bryant University to encourage China and Wuhan. He also sent greetings to all the compatriots in Bryant University, expressing the belief in victory over COVID-19. At the same time, many professors in Bryant University also expressed their sincere greetings and encouragement to Chinese students and employees via e-mail.

Story by Xie Kun, Lv Xiuli