Taichi demonstrated at Swimming Sports

[Source]    The Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2020-02-24 18:24:59 

At 9:00am, February 12th, local time, Mount Clear College held its 2020 Swimming Sports at Eureka Swimming Centre of Ballarat. Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College, invited by Mr. Scot Mangos, the host of the Swimming Sports, demonstrated and taught students Taichi by the side of the swimming pool. About 50 students took part in the practice of Taichi. 20 Japanese students on a short-term visit program also stood behind Jijun Yang and learned Taichi. The demonstration of Taichi won a lot of applause from the students and teachers.

Jijun Yang is teaching Japanese students Taichi

Jijun Yang also taught about 100 students Taichi and the Chinese martial art at 2019 Swimming Sports of Mount Clear College held on February 14th 2019 at the same swimming centre.


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