Confucius Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara Supports Wenzhou’s Epidemic Prevention and Control Supplies

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On the morning of February 20th, a large truck loaded with medical supplies from the other side of the Pacific successfully arrived at the FedEx Wenzhou Station. “These are the medical supplies that the hospital needs most, and many of them are necessities for the isolation ward, which are excellent.”Zhou Lianzeng, Director of the Procurement Center of Wenzhou Central Hospital who helped with on-site sorting, said happily. With the joint efforts of more than 20 volunteers on site, after over half an hour, supplies were directly distributed to 15 COVID-19 designated hospitals in Wenzhou.

It is reported that these are the targeted aid supplies to Wenzhou from overseas non-governmental charitable organizations, which is specially applied by Mayfair Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and senior researcher of Wenzhou South Zhejiang Rural Cooperation Center. There are a total of 19 cargo containers, including 50,000 N95 masks, 41000 pairs of medical gloves, 8000 sets of isolation garments, 932 sets of protective suits, 1475 surgical masks and 4000 medical shoe covers. These are also the first aid supplies for “epidemic prevention and control” that Wenzhou has received from international organizations so far.

Mayfair Yang has been devoted to Sino-US cultural exchange and Wenzhou research for a long time and has a great affection for Wenzhou. Once she learned about the COVID-19 outbreak in Wenzhou, she called the staff of the Wenzhou CPPCC from the United States and proposed to seek overseas assistance for Wenzhou. To make this happen, she filled out application forms late at night and made many appeals. At the same time, Wenzhou CPPCC, Wenzhou Municipal Committee of China Democratic League, Wenzhou Health Commission, Wenzhou Medical University Foundation, Wenzhou Central Hospital and other work units attached great importance to and actively cooperate.

“The successful implementation of this event gets benefit from the active participation of many Wenzhou volunteers.” Professor Mayfair Yang introduced. Two referees are needed to apply for overseas assistance. Wang Xiaoxuan, a Rui’an doctor from Harvard University, and Huang Xixi, a sunshine Rui’an girl born in the 1990s who is now an official of the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in China, have volunteered their participation after hearing the news. In particular, Huang Xixi not only acted as the referee of the project, but also took charge of the translation of various documents: from the initial application materials and forms, such as Letter of Intent for Donation of Overseas Supplies, Confirmation of Application for Direct Relief and Overview of the Outbreak in Wenzhou, to the confirmation of the List of Donated Supplies and transportation of FedEx Outbox Labels and other documents and letters of thanks. In just one week, she translated more than ten documents with more than 10,000 Chinese characters while taking charge of her own work. Due to the time difference between China and America, she is often busy late into the night.

“Although I left Rui’an city at an early age, I have always had my heart set on my hometown. I am very glad that I can play my professional expertise for the prevention and control of the epidemic in my hometown.”Huang Xixi said.

Ms. Zhu, who has worked in international charity organizations for more than ten years, also played a key role in the docking session of this activity in China. She understands how to maintain good communication with international organizations. At the same time, the volunteers from all walks of life in Wenzhou, such as Jiang Jun, Zhang Haidong and volunteers from Longwan Youth League committee, also participated in the specific docking and full-scale agency activities. In an interview with reporters, Ms. Zhu said, “My original intention was to help the hospital in my hometown find supplies. Later, I found that there were many Wenzhou people in the group, as well as alumni from Zhejiang Rui’an High School. I felt that Wenzhou people have a tacit understanding and high efficiency in working.”

It is understood that there is a professional process for applying for overseas assistance. Volunteer Zhou Biqi, a senior student of the College of Business & Public Management at Wenzhou-Kean University, said: “During the epidemic, our team also sent emails to some international charities, but most of them did not reply. As one of the younger generation of Wenzhou people around the world, it’s still necessary to understand how to connect with international assistance and learn to catch the ball. This event is a successful case for reference.”

(Story by Pan Qinyong, Rui’an Media Convergence, Wenzhou News App)

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