“We Have Confidence in China!”
Major Dignitaries, University Chancellors and Scholars from Various Countries Express Their Support for China

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2020-02-22 09:14:23 

The representative of the Krasnoyarsk State Normal University in Russia recorded a video to cheer on China and wish China an early victory over the epidemic, saying that they will work with all the Chinese people to overcome the difficulties and win the battle against the epidemic!

Davidson, Deputy Director of the International Exchange Department of the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, said, “We know that the Chinese people are now facing difficulties, but we also have confidence in China and believe that your efforts will pay off and everything will return to normal. We are your trustworthy friends and will be standing by your side. Stay strong Wuhan! Stay strong China!

Esraa Abd Elsayed, foreign staff of the Confucius Classroom at the Ain Shams University in Egypt, said they were deeply impressed by China’s efforts to fight the epidemic. The Confucius Classroom at the university will work hand in hand with the Chinese people to overcome difficulties and embrace the victory in the near future.

Angélica Magdalena Corzo Salas de Valdivia, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute at Catholic University of Santa Maria in Peru, together with her staff and students, said that they are very hopeful about China’s victory in the battle against the epidemic.

Trickles merge into the river, and flowers bloom in the warm spring. Let us all work together to overcome the difficulties. Winter shall pass and spring will come.

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