“We Have Confidence in China!”
Major Dignitaries, University Chancellors and Scholars from Various Countries Express Their Support for China

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2020-02-22 09:14:23 

Various University Chancellors Express Support for China: We Are Friends WHO Share the Same Outlook and Destiny, We Root for China

Everette Freeman, Chancellor of the Community College of Denver in the United States, said in a letter that, it is a difficult time for all Chinese people. But seeing the tremendous efforts made by China as a whole, they firmly believe that the Coronavirus will be completely eliminated in the near future. At this difficult time, they sincerely hope that everyone can stay healthy.

Tsutomu Ogura, President of Hokuriku University in Japan, said, “At present, all parts of China are in a very critical period. At this time, Hokuriku University would like to join hands with everyone, and we sincerely pray that people can resume a peaceful life as soon as possible. Stay strong Wuhan! Stay strong China!”

Khalid Ilazi, Chancellor of Karachi University in Pakistan, said, “Chinese people are hard-working and brave, they have dedicated and high-level scientific research teams who have done a lot to effectively contain the spread of the epidemic. The people of China and Pakistan are brothers. During this difficult period, we fully support the Chinese people and believe that they will overcome the disease. We pay our tribute to their braveness.”

Ishtiaq Ahmad, Chancellor of the University of Sagoda in Pakistan, said, “China is facing difficult times and enduring hardships, but we know that Chinese people have the tenacity and courage to overcome difficulties. We firmly believe that China will win the battle. In fact, China has set a good example for the control of sudden outbreaks of disease for the whole world. The World Health Organization and the entire international community will thank China for successfully and promptly containing this serious disease.”

Adil H. Haider , Chancellor of Aga Khan University in Pakistan, Jaffar, Chancellor of National University Modern Languages in Pakistan, Sharosh Rodi, Chancellor of Karachi NED Engineering and Technology University in Pakistan, and Habibo Reman, Chancellor of Pakistan Naval Engineering College, said that China-Pakistan friendship is higher than mountains and deeper than seas, “No matter what China needs, we will do our utmost to help. And we sincerely hope China will overcome the difficulty as soon as possible.”

Pal Ahluwalia, Chancellor of the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, said, “On behalf of the University of the South Pacific, we express our heartfelt concerns for our Chinese teachers, volunteers, their families, our friends and colleagues in the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. We regard them as our rations and close friends, and we all stand with them to overcome this tough time.”

“The Chinese Government and people have taken active and effective measures in dealing with the disease. We are grateful that people in Wuhan and Hubei Province have made a lot of sacrifices in order to prevent the spreading of the virus. We are confident that the public health measures taken by Chinese Government will control this disease in the near future.”

Alec Ekeroma, Chancellor of the National University of Samoa, said, “On behalf of the National University of Samoa, I wish to offer our support and best wishes to you and all our friends in the Confucius Institute Headquarters for the efforts taken by people and the Government of the People’s Republic of China to control and minimize the spread of the novel Coronavirus epidemic in China.” He wished an early victory for China in the battle and would offer any support that he can get.

Jacky Lumarque, Chancellor of Quisqueya University in Haiti, said that the novel Coronavirus disease has infected many people in Wuhan and other cities, and he would like to express his deep sympathy on behalf of the university.

He wrote in the letter that they are concerned about the development of the epidemic every day, and distressed by the harsh battle. They would like to send their condolences to the Chinese people who died from the infection, and their regards to the Chinese people who have been infected. He has visit China twice and could feel that the Chinese people are facing severe challenges. They admire the tremendous efforts made by the Chinese government to fight the epidemic.

Ramanoelina Panja, Chancellor of Antananarivo University of Madagascar, said, “Dear Chinese colleagues, students, and friends, I know you are going through a hard time, but I am sure you will overcome the difficulty. Dear friends, stay strong!”

Adolphe Minkoa She, Chancellor of the University of Yaounde II, Cameroon, said, “On behalf of all teaching staffs and students of the University of Yaounde II, I would like to express our sincere greetings and wishes to all Chinese people. Cameroon and China have been good friends for decades.”

“Knowing that you are suffering from and bravely fighting with the Coronavirus disease, we feel the same with you. With your amazing efforts, and support from all over the country and the world, we firmly believe that Chinese people will win this battle!”

In a letter to all Chinese students, Richard A. Williams, Chancellor of Heriot-Watt University in the United Kingdom, said, “I would like to express our understanding and support for you in this difficult time on behalf of the entire university! Every student at Heriot-Watt University is an indispensable part of the university’s international community.”

“During this particular period, I understand that you are far away from your hometown and your families. Let us support each other and face the challenge posed by the Coronavirus together.”

Alistair Fitt, Vice-Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University in the UK, said, “We want to send our best wishes to all of our friends in China. We know that there has been some problems there, China is coping very well with them. We want to just tell you to stay strong and we want to send all of our best wishes to all of our friends in China.”

Medwin Hughes, Chancellor of University of Wales Trinity Saint Davidin the UK, also sent his cordial greetings and took the lead in donating. He believed that the epidemic would eventually pass and wished all Chinese people good health.

Sergei Pitarenko, Principal of the 44 Middle School of Vitebsk, Belarus, has closely followed China’s situation since the outbreak and has been caring about Chinese friends. He said, “The novel Coronavirus disease is the common enemy of mankind. We have seen the determination and courage of the Chinese people in the news, China has made incredible efforts for the world. China will surely defeat the virus and win the battle!”

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