“We Have Confidence in China!”
Major Dignitaries, University Chancellors and Scholars from Various Countries Express Their Support for China

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2020-02-22 09:14:23 

The coronavirus disease outbreak has attracted the attention of people across the world. Recently, major politicians, leaders of educational institutions, university chancellors and well-known experts and scholars have written to the Confucius Institute Headquarters, stating that Coronavirus disease is a common challenge facing all mankind, and China has taken effective measures to contain its spread. They believe that the Chinese people will win the battle eventually.

Major politicians and institutions from various countries have sent their wishes: the epidemic will be defeated and the spring is on its way.

In the letter to the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Thai House of Lords expressed that it has recently learnt that the novel Coronavirus pneumonia had broken out in Wuhan, Hubei and other cities in China, with confirmed cases increasing day by day and China’s economy and its people’s health greatly affected.

“The Chinese government has taken many effective measures to prevent the epidemic from spreading further. The House of Lords is impressed by China’s persistence, unremitting efforts and active response during the battle against the disease. The novel Coronavirus disease is a threat to the safety of all humanity, but China has taken some preventive measures, which are of great reference for us.”

“On behalf of Thai people, the House of Lords will join hands with China and all Chinese people in the battle, and we wish China an early and complete victory. We would like to express our earnest concern to the Chinese people, and extend sincere regards and deepest sympathy to all the patients who have lost their lives, and families who have suffered the great pain of losing their loved ones.”

The Northern Ireland Executive said in a letter that, on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive and government departments, it would like to express its deep sympathy and sincere greetings to the Chinese people, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and all the teachers and students of Confucius Institutes as they are fighting the novel Coronavirus epidemic.

“We have always cherished the friendship and cooperation with the Chinese people, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, and the teachers of Confucius Institutes. We are very concerned about the epidemic in China and believes that China will win this battle.”

Anthony Jackson, Deputy President of the Asia Society, said that since the virus outbreak, they had contacted a large number of colleagues in Hong Kong and Shanghai Representatives of Asia Society and their Chinese partners. While being shocked by the Coronavirus disease outbreak, they are all deeply touched by the tremendous efforts and sacrifices made by the Chinese government and Chinese people.

He would like to pay tribute to the Chinese government for its tremendous efforts in virus prevention and control, all the Chinese medical workers who have dedicated themselves to the battle, and the Chinese people for being strong and persevering. It is these efforts that have effectively prevented the virus from spreading globally. At this difficult time, they are thinking about all colleagues, friends and family members. At the same time, they cherish their years-long cooperation with the Confucius Institutes, and look forward to more accomplishments in the Year of the Rat.

The Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms in Japan sent a joint letter to the Confucius Institute Headquarters to express their concerns. They said that although they cannot directly participate in the Chinese people’s fight against the epidemic, their hearts are always closely connected with the Chinese people. Many Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms have shown their support by various methods such as sending letters and making phone calls, raising funds and supplies, recording encouragement videos in Chinese, and making posters.

At the same time, they will work harder to run the Confucius Institute well and make further contributions to improving the mutual understanding and communication between the Chinese and Japanese peoples through Chinese teaching and the introduction of Chinese culture. They sincerely hope that China will win the battle as soon as possible.

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