Join Hands to Tackle Current Difficulties

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2020-02-21 12:02:14 

The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP, or COVID-19) dampened the new year atmosphere and worried tens of thousands of people. China has, in the spirit of being responsible for people’s health and for global public health, taken the most comprehensive and strict prevention and control measures, shared the information of the epidemic and the gene sequence of the novel coronavirus with the relevant parties in a timely, transparent, open and effective manner. The measures taken by China have effectively prevented the spread of the epidemic worldwide, which has been fully recognized and highly valued by the World Health Organization and many countries.

The Chinese people have united as one and created miracles with astonishing speed, be it the supply of required materials or the building of the Huoshenshan (Fire God Mountain) Hospital and the Leishenshan (Thunder God Mountain) Hospital in ten days to admit patients…The Chinese nation has been going through hardships and nev-er given up. In the face of great difficulties and challenges, we are united and strong. We have full confidence, capacity and determination to defeat the epidemic.

“Though miles apart, we are under the same sky”. While the Chinese people are fighting the epidemic, the prin-cipals of the Confucius Institute’s host universities, directors, as well as students and teachers, sinologists, and colleagues from the international Chinese language education circle sent letters and messages and donated money and goods to China which showed their friendship, support, understanding and help to the Chinese people. People of various countries sent sincere blessings in various forms including sending enthusiastic texts, heart-warming videos, and supplies that represent the love from them to cheer the Chinese people up!

Measures were taken for the epidemic prevention, but people are never separated in their hearts. While ensuring their own health, teachers and students of Confucius Institutes in various countries and colleagues in the interna-tional Chinese education circle are actively and orderly carrying out teaching activities by overcoming considera-ble obstacles. They introduce China’s situation and measures in the fight against the epidemic in detail, and strive to eliminate the panic and misunderstanding of local people. Here, we would like to express our warm regards, sincere gratitude, and high respects to the directors, teachers, and volunteer Chinese language teachers who stand fast and remain at their posts, to people from all walks of life who support and help the international Chinese education cause, and to friends from all countries who support and help China in fighting the epidemic.

Ruthless virus brings out warmth in humanity, and true friendship stands the test of adversity. We believe sincerity and kindness will overcome estrangement, while care and compassion will not be shadowed by panic and fear. Let us join hands to tackle the current difficulties!


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