Chinese New Year Temple Fair in Valencia

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia [Time]    2020-02-16 07:50:33 

Local time 10:00 a.m. of 25th January, the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia, together with some Chinese overseas groups held a series of wonderful cultural activities here, and people gathered here to participate in this grand event. People in different languages say the same word “Hello” “Happy New Year” in Chinese, and they all enjoyed this gorgeous celebration.

At the beginning of the event, the teachers of the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia and the event staffs began to decorate the Municipal Square with lanterns, firecrackers and Chinese knots. Under the leading of the director An Wenlong and the Chinese director Gao Hongbo, the teachers and volunteers decorated the activity area cheerfully. The bright and red Chinese knots, balloons and spring couplets all showed the festival atmosphere. Therefore, the activity attracted a lot of people from the very beginning. Countless Chinese and foreign friends came and enjoyed. The Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia prepared a lot of desk calendars and the magazines. The beautiful Chinese ink painting calendars and the Chinese-Spanish magazines attracted a lot of people, they even stood for quite a long line. They found that they have got a new way to learn more about China from the bilingual magazines. And Mr. Adan wrote people’s Chinese names by using the brush of calligraphy on the wall calendars, which prepared by the Confucius Institute. This event is unique and showed the charm of Chinese calligraphy. It has attracted many Chinese and foreign friends to wait in a long line. After receiving these calendars with their names, the foreign friends showed off to their friends, and people's faces were filled with great joy. The Confucius Institute also prepared Kung Fu Tea performances for the participants. The performers dressed in traditional Chinese costumes, then integrated traditional Chinese Kung Fu into tea culture skillfully. Foreigners can not only learn more about the traditional Chinese tea culture, but also taste the fragrant Chinese tea.

Chinese calligraphy calendar

Lots of local people were attracted by the wonderful acvtivities

Kung Fu Tea

During the event, the Confucius Institute and the local Chinese overseas schools also prepared the traditional Chinese singing and dancing performance on the large stage in the center of the square. The performers gave us a wonderful performance. There were unique dragon and lion dance performances; There was also a chorus of Chinese Zither songs, "My people, my country", performed by young performers in Han costumes. Traditional cultural customs combined with artistic forms of performance got enthusiastic response. Through this magnificent performance, the performers interpreted the Chinese New Year for the audiences perfectly, which also deeply attracted Chinese and foreign friends to gather here to celebrate the Chinese New Year together. These performances had not only traditional Chinese style, but also contained the modern style of China. Most of people attending were local foreign friends, we could see their curiosity for the Chinese culture through their face.

The directors and the teachers of ICUV sent the calendars and magazines

Around the square, different styles of the booths had also attracted countless foreigners and helped them understand Chinese culture and love Chinese culture by different ways. Foreigners said “Happy New Year” “May you be happy and prosperous” in Chinese with the help from the teachers of the Confucius Institute. With these wonderful New Year's wishes, you can hear the worldwide blessings to China, and the friendship between China and Spain would flourish from here.

In the evening, the parade team was ready. Enthusiastic citizens and tourists have been waiting on sidewalks and in front of windows inside buildings. All the delegations were participating in the parade. They sang, danced and drummed vividly all the way. From the Pelayo Street, along with the Xàtiva Street and Marqués de Sotelo, and finally gather together in the Municipal Square. During this process, visitors have seen a variety of programs, such as fireworks dragon, dragon dance, lion dance, drums, Chinese dance performances and so on. Performers dressed in traditional Chinese costumes on the floats threw special gifts such like candy and small lanterns to local people and tourists on both sides of the street, and gave New Year wishes to them. Finally, the parade gathered in the Municipal Square, and Mr. An Wenlong, the director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia hosted the parade and delivered a speech, together with all the important guests, sent the New Year greetings to the audiences. Then, the fireworks with the words "Happy New Year" in Chinese and Spanish were lit in front of the city hall, making the special moment extremely fantastic. Then, with the colorful fireworks and wonderful dance performances, the Chinese New Year parade ended successfully.

The fantastic performance

Dragon dance

Drum performance

After the colorful New Year activities, the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia with all the guests who participated in the New Year activities enjoyed the "New Year's Dinner" at the Ronghua restaurant together. At the beginning of the dinner, Mr. An Wenlong, director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia, delivered a speech, followed by the local Chinese representatives and Spanish representatives to express their sincere wishes for the Chinese New Year. Guests cheers for the New Year and also their friendship.

¨Happy Chinese New Year——Chinese New Year Temple Fair in Valencia¨ had a successful ending. This event had a profound influence and a wide-ranging response, this activity not only have received the attention of the local government and local media, but also had been appreciated and loved by local and foreign friends. The bell of the Chinese New Year has already rung, and the torch of Chinese culture will also burn here.