Making Yan Paper Pandas to Celebrate Chinese New Year

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia [Time]    2020-02-11 07:49:31 

At 18:30 of local time on January 24th, the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia organized the third part of the Spring Festival series activities—Yan Paper Panda. Local children and parents who love Chinese culture actively participate in it. At the beginning of the activity, Mr. An Wenlong, director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia, delivered a speech and the Spring Festival activity started.

Director An Wenlong delivered the speech

The main teacher of this activity is teacher Tan, a volunteer teacher from the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia. First of all, teacher Tan played a video about the Chinese pandas for attenders, then the Chinese panda's cute and honest appearance greatly attracted the attention of students and parents, and they deeply like the pandas. At the same time, Ms. Gao Hongbo, the Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia, led the Confucius Institute professional teacher and volunteers to hand out the materials for the students and their parents. While introducing the Chinese name of each body part of the panda, Tan taught students how to make the body parts. The students studied with their teachers, repeating the Chinese name of the panda’s body parts, and actively learning the Chinese words, "roll" and "sticky". Then teacher Tan continued to teach how to make the bamboo. Some students made pandas who hold bamboo in their hands, and some pandas lied on the ground with a bamboo besides them. Finally, teacher Tan taught students to make colorful balloons floating in the sky above the pandas, and it just like the colorful Chinese culture grows over the sky of Spain. In the end, the students carefully glued their works on the cardboard frame and gazed for a long time. Finally, they held up their work and took photos happily.

The decorations of the classroom

Children's Works

These Spring Festival series of activities, not only to let the students know about the Chinese panda, but also let them experience the traditional Chinese culture and learn some simple Chinese. The success of this activity has made local children like Chinese culture very much. It is believed that in the near future, Chinese will become one of the children's favourite language skills.