LOT Facilitates Global Chinese Language Educationand Makes Chinese Learning Easy and Fun!

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2020-02-03 11:50:13 

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, the Confucius Institute has promptly launched free Live Online Teaching (LOT) courses to facilitate students from all over the world who love Chinese and Chinese culture to continue with Chinese language learning without leaving home.

Diverse and Novel Courses! “What a Convenient Way to Learn Chinese!”

To facilitate the vast number of Chinese language learners and Chinese language teachers, the Confucius Institute Online has launched excellent free online courses, featuring such core courses as Online HSK Standard Course, Traditional Chinese Culture, Training of Global Chinese Language Teachers and other core courses, so that everyone can make full use of their time at home to learn the Chinese language, comprehend the Chinese culture, refine their teaching skills and consolidate strength during this special period of time.

Teachers and students can firstly log in the Confucius Institute website at www.chinesecio.com to register, and then click the "Chinese Learning" section to enter the "Global Confucius Institutes Moocs" Platform, and select relevant courses to start learning.

Registration tips: Fill in the registration page as required and drag the blockchain for verification. After verification, you will receive an email containing an"activation link" in the registration mailbox. Log in to check the email, click the link to activate your account, and then log in again to start your online learning course.

In addition to the exquisite online courses offered by the Confucius Institute Online, the Phuket Campus of Prince of Songkhla University in Thailand also joined hands with the ChineseRd Live Online Chinese Learning Platform to present a special gift - Free Online Basic Course for Chinese Learning!

Students can enjoy learning Chinese in real classrooms at home, interact with teachers online with voice, replay the class video for an unlimited number of times, and ask teachers for help in the study group when they have questions.

Five Minutes a Day Makes Learning Chinese Much Easier!

To promote the construction of digital teaching resources, the Confucius Institute at the University of Bahrain held a Micro-course Teaching Competition recently and uploaded the micro-course videos to Instagram and WeChat public accounts, which have received wild welcome by students.

Learning the usage of adverbs like “也” and “都” is a difficulty for entry-level students. Ms. Liu Kaihong, an experienced teacher, successfully solved this difficult problem by presenting two sets of comparative examples.

Teacher Fu Jiamin taught the module of "Numbers" through gestures since body movements can help students memorize and reinforce the pronunciation of numbers. Learning Chinese can’t simply rely on rote memorization, instead, learning with hand interactions can help remember the knowledge points better and more easily.

Teacher Zhang Haifei demonstrated the classroom of teacher-student interaction in the video teaching. From the introduction of new words, the practice of sentence patterns, to the demonstration by students, a complete and clear language teaching process is presented in a few minutes’ video teaching.

The Homogeneous word teaching method and induction method are good ways to rapidly expand students’ vocabulary. Teacher Cai Renyan expanded the vocabulary of the textbook in accordance with students' learning ability. For example, she extended the new word "basketball" to "table tennis", "badminton" and other ball games by combining pictures of various balls. Practicing the same sentence pattern in large quantities enables students to master the skills of learning Chinese in a relaxed environment.

Teacher Yang Yi made even bolder attempts to randomly select students in the campus to test the teaching outcomes of Chinese character components. Through observation and imagination, students can discover the interest of Chinese characters and turn the difficult into easy.

The "5 Minutes a Day" series of micro-courses have been well-received. Many students reported that it is more convenient and interesting to learn Chinese in this way, and they are looking forward to the Confucius Institute at the University of Bahrain bringing more unique online micro-courses.

Stay Indoors Finishing the First Class of the Semester Successfully.

In Egypt, on January 31 local time, the spring semester of the Chinese language class at the Confucius Institute of Cairo University in cooperation with the Egyptian Federation of Chinese Students started as scheduled. This semester, there are seven classes in the Chinese class of the Students' Federation, and a total of seven excellent Chinese teachers have been selected by the Confucius Institute of Cairo University to undertake the teaching tasks.

With the support of the ChineseRd educational platform, teachers are able to use modern information technology to carry out distance teaching, and students have successfully completed the first class of school without leaving home.

Since January 27, teachers at the Confucius Institute of Cairo University have been learning the specific procedures of online teaching from technicians of the ChineseRd. The everyday Chinese classes are moved online, and courses are prepared complying with the requirements of online teaching.

During the preparation of online courses, the technical staff patiently provided technical support and guidance to teachers, earnestly tutored students and parents how to take courses online, and distributed free course points to registered students.

The Live Online Teaching mode adopted by the Confucius Institute of Cairo University not only improves children's ability to use the Internet for course learning, but also saves time and energy of parents to transport students to and from the teaching site.

Additionally, at the end of the live course, the teachers of the Confucius Institute of Cairo University, the director of the Chinese Course of the Students’ Federation and the ChineseRd Education held a video work conference to summarize the experience of live online teaching and discuss solutions to the problems so as to achieve better teaching results.

Since the opening of the live online course of the Chinese Classroom at the Confucius Institute of Cairo University, it has been supported by students and their parents. Many of them have overcome difficulties and built an internet-based home learning platform for students to master the operation process of online learning in advance and encourage students to study hard at home.

"We will conscientiously ask for feedbacks and suggestions on the teaching work and ensure that no student falls behind," said a teacher from the Confucius Institute of Cairo University.