5th International Forum on Sharing Chinese Music with the World Held in Central Conservatory of Music

[Source]    Central Conservatory of Music [Time]    2020-01-08 09:23:32 

On December 17, the 5th International Forum on Sharing Chinese Music with the World, sponsored by the Central Conservatory of Music(CCOM) and the Music Confucius Institute (MCI) Office and the Center for International Music Culture Exchange, was held in CCOM. Chinese and foreign guests from the education, diplomatic and cultural circles discussed the topics of “the role of music in building a harmonious and diverse world” and “the role of music in the Confucius Institute, a platform for global cultural sharing” from different perspectives.

The forum

Several distinguished guests attended the ceremony and delivered speeches, such as Uffe Savery, President of the Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM), Valentyna Oliinyk, Head of Education and Culture, Embassy of Ukrainian in China, Hu Xuebin, Head of Partnerships and Education, Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy, Tanja Clausen, Public Diplomat Officer of Royal Danish Embassy, Marianne Jakobsen, Director of MCI in Denmark, Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and Yu Feng, President of CCOM, etc.

Ma Jianfei stated in his speech that the MCI of RDAM, the Confucius Classroom at the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music (MCC), and the Center for International Music Culture Exchange have become the home bases of music youths from all over the world who love Chinese culture and the innovation station of a two-way exchange between Chinese and foreign music. Those have made a special contribution to deepening the friendship and mutual understanding between Chinese and foreign people. The oversea teachers and students of the CCOM have also become a beautiful scenery among the Confucius Institute teachers’ worldwide.

Speech by Ma Jianfei

Uffi Shafri expressed that many years’ performance has made him deeply experience that music has a shocking power and can cross the differences between language, culture, politics and economy. The MCI of RDAM provided an exchange platform to inspire the creativity of the outstanding talents of RDAM and CCOM.

Speech by Uffe Savery

Yu Feng said that in the past eight years, the establishment of the MCI of RDAM and the MCC in Ukraine have built a mutually beneficial platform for the CCOM and foreign cooperation institutions, which is a good example for the CCOM to deepen its strategic cooperation with the World Music Institutes.

Speech by Yu Feng

Tanja Clausen, Valentyna Oliinykand Hu Xuebin respectively told the history and development of cultural exchanges between Denmark, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and China, and hoped to deepen the cooperation with China in music education and cultural exchanges through the MCI of RDAM and the MCC in Ukraine or other ways.

Speech by Tanja Clausen

Speech by Valentyna Oliinyk

Speech by Hu Xuebing

At the forum, Zhao Min started the discussion with the title of Confucius Institute: An Effective Path to Realize the Mission and Function of Universities under Globalization. He thought that the MCI of RDAM and the MCC in Ukraine are new explorations of cultural exchanges, which not only show the Chinese and Western music culture characteristics and expand the understanding and sharing platform, but also cultivate a group of young artists with inclusive cultural concepts and provide a good operation experience for latecomers.

In a keynote speech entitled North-South Model: The New Paradigm of Cross-Cultural Studies, Zhao Baisheng stated that following the previous Chinese-Western and the East-West models, global economic, political and cultural exchanges will enter a new model in which the southern and northern hemispheres are the regions. China will play an important role in it.

An Ping introduced his latest practical achievements in the field of cross-cultural music exchange with the title of The Music The World: The Value and Significance of Music in International People-to-People Exchange.

Marianna and Liu Yuening respectively, shared their own experiences on the development of the MCI under the titles of Sharing 7 Years’ Experience and Achievements of MCI and New Platforms & New Functions: Building a Dimensional Communication System for International Music Exchange.

Exchange ceremony of the MOU

During the period, the guests watched the short documentary “Melodie Confucius Institute” together, witnessing the Award Ceremony of CCOM Oversea Story Contest and other ceremonies. After cooperating with the International Exchange Office of Sichuan Conservatory of Music International Office in 2016, the Center for International Music Culture Exchange and a number of art colleges have launched cooperation in the field of international education and communication of Chinese music culture. In addition, the participants learned about the achievements through the “CCOM & CI: 8 Years Achievements” Retrospective Exhibition.

Group photo

In the end, the 5th International Forum of “Sharing Chinese Music with the World” was concluded amid the wonderful music by the MCI of RDAM and the “Eight-tone Troup” of MCC in Ukraine.

With the increasing development of the Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges, the voice of China is spreading to the world through different channels and in different forms. The International Forum “Share Chinese Music with the World” provides a platform for the exchange of music teaching, performance, creation, research, and culture, diplomacy, management and so on, which could inject vitality into the world of Chinese music, inspire mutual understanding of the world’s cultures and boost momentum and support.


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