2019 Belt and Road for China-Turkey Business Forum Held in Istanbul

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Okan University in Turkey [Time]    2019-12-31 14:55:49 

On December 10th, the 5th China-Turkey Business Forum jointly sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Okan University in Turkey and TÜSİAD was held in Istanbul. The theme of this forum is "Understanding &Doing Business with China" with four topics which are "China's Economic, Social and Technological Development", "Turkish Enterprises' Experience of Doing Business with China", "Chinese Investors' Experience of Doing Business in Turkey" and "China-Turkey Relations at Government Level". The forum aims to enhance Turkish business circle’s understanding of China's economic, social and technological transformation, understand China's impact on the global economy, and discuss the economic and environmental issues when trading with China.

Selim Dursun, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey; Simone Kaslowski, President of TÜSİAD; Korhan Kurdoğlu, China Network President of Turkish Industry and Business Association; Bekir Okan, Chairman of Okan Group; and Huang Songfeng, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Consulate-General in Istanbul attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. More than 300 people attended the forum, including representatives of local Chinese and Turkish enterprises and businessmen interested in China-Turkey trade.

Selim Dursun said that the Belt and Road Initiative has brought new opportunities for the cooperation between Turkey and China. Simone Kaslowski said that there is great potential for cooperation between Turkey and China. Korhan Kurdoğlu said that China's development is an opportunity for the world. Bekir Okan pointed out that Turkey and China should carry out more exchanges between students.

Simone Kaslowski delivering a speech

Bekir Okan delivering a speech

Huang Fengsong spoke highly of the important role played by the Confucius Institute at Okan University as a bridge in promoting exchanges between China and Turkey, and said that the two countries should strengthen exchanges and enhance mutual understanding.

Huang Fengsong delivering a speech

The theme forum on "China's Economic, Social and Technological Development" was hosted by Özlem Özüner, Vice President of Turkish Industry and Business Association. Zhang Haiyan, Associate Professor of NEOMA Business School, Ye Xiang, former Director of China Affairs of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and General Manager of Vision Gain Capital Co., Ltd.; Zhou Dan, Director of Hang Seng Bank in China; and other guests participated in the discussion. They affirmed the latest development and trend of China, and expressed their vision for China's economic development on the Made in China 2025 Plan.

The theme forum on "Turkish Enterprises' Experience of Doing Business with China" was hosted by Tuncer Köklü, Coordinator of ATA HOLDİNG. Murat Kolbaşı, President of Arzum; Doruk Keser, Chief Representative of Shanghai Representative Office of Turkiye is Bankasi; Alp Üstüngör, Chairman of “Turkey-China 86” platform; and other guests participated in the discussion. The participants expressed their views on the experience of doing business with China. Murat pointed out that entrepreneurs of Turkey and China should respect the differences in business habits between the two countries. He wished to introduce his brand into the Asia-Pacific region and deepen cooperation with China.

Discussion by guests of sub-forums

On the theme forum of "Chinese Investors' Experience of Doing Business in Turkey", Rıza Kadılar, Chairman of Turkish institutions in China; Hamza TiĞlay, Board of Directors at ACT Airlines; Xu Xiaobo, Vice President of Huawei Northeast European Area; and other guests discussed the issues, such as Chinese investors' experience of doing business in Turkey, Chinese investors’ views on potential industries in Turkeyand how Turkey should attract more Chinese investment. Hamza said that Turkey's logistics facilities are insufficient, so they need to be made up by scientific and technological means. Turkey is a potential country with strong attraction for Chinese investors. Xu Xiaobo expressed his views on the trade dispute.

The theme forum on "Sino-Turkish Relations at Government Level" was hosted by Noyan Rona, Chief Representative of Garanti Bank in Shanghai. Güner Erpul, Director of Turkey's Foreign Affairs Office in the Asia-Pacific region; Onur Gözet, Deputy Minister of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism; and other guests pointed out the feasibility of China-Turkey economic and trade development and outlined a beautiful picture for the future development of the two countries. Onur said that in addition to economic and trade exchanges, cultural and tourism exchanges are equally important, and the top priority of them is transportation. He hoped that the two countries would work closely in transportation, especially in the aviation field, increase the number of flights between the two countries, and provide convenient conditions for exchanges.

Some guests

At the end of the forum, participants discussed topics of interest and expressed optimism about the economic and trade development of the two countries. This forum has built a bridge for China-Turkey economic and trade cooperation. At the same time, it received extensive attention from all walks of life in Turkey, and various financial media in Turkey covered the event.