Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College Holds Chinese Cultural Experience Event

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2019-12-23 07:35:12 

On December 11th, local time, the Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College held a Chinese cultural experience event at the language centre.

Jijun Yang is demonstrating the Hulusi

In the morning, the first group of students and teachers came to the language centre. Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom, blew Hulusi(a traditional Chinese musical instrument) and expressed his welcome to all the students and teachers. Then, he talked about the arrangement of the event. All the students were put into four groups and experienced paper-cutting, Chinese ink blowing, Chinese games, Taichi and martial art.

Students are learning Chinese ink-blowing

The whole event lasted for four hours, having attracted over 300 students of Year 7, 8, 9 of Mount Clear College.