The Courier Reports Mount Clear College and Confucius Classroom

[Source]    Confucius Classroom of Mount Clear College, Australia [Time]    2019-12-18 13:55:46 

On December 7th, loca time, The Courier, a newspaper in Australia, reported Mount Clear College’s international programs and the Confucius Classroom in its column of Feature.

The report started with “The problems of the world in the future will have to be solved globally, not in isolation”, which was said by Ms Lynita Taylor, Principal of Mount Clear College. According to the report, Mount Clear College emphasizes the importance of the cooperation of education between countries, sending groups of students and teachers to countries including China, India and Japan and hosting global students, principals, leaders and teachers coming to the school to study or visit.

Report of The Courier

Some students who took part in the Young Leaders’Study Trip to China said that the trip helped them to build independence and confidence and made them leave judgements and stereotypes out, and they enjoyed some challenges and new experiences in China.

It was also reported that Mount Clear College set up its first Confucius Classroom in Australia, which is an immersive space with cultural displays, resources and more.

Ms Taylor said: “Each country we engage with has its own political setting. We say that these relationships are about us on the ground. We can’t control what goes on above us, but it’s the relationships we build at the ground level between teachers and students and what we can do to broaden understanding and acceptance of each other”.