Celebration for 12th Anniversary of the Confucius Institute

[Source]    Confucius Institute of the University of Valencia [Time]    2019-12-18 13:27:21 

On November 28th, the 12th anniversary ceremony for the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia was successfully held at the auditorium. In this activity, Vicente Andreu, Director of the Confucius Institute, Gao Hongbo, Chinese Director, and all the teachers in the Confucius Institute attended the celebration. Han Dongyu, Vice President of Northeast Normal University, and many professors from the department of History and Culture also came to celebrate the 12th birthday of the Confucius Institute. The activities were colorful and widespread, attracting the attention of the local people before the meeting, and some local medias reported the celebration.

Group Photo

After careful preparations and rehearsals, the ceremony began. With the lovely music, six local children from Valencia came onto the stage one by one, singing and dancing with enthusiasm. They used Chinese to express their love for Chinese and their respect for Chinese culture. This "Welcome Song" successfully gave the celebration a happy beginning.

In the profound Chinese language, the Chinese characters are the essence of Chinese culture. Among them, the pictographs especially show the transformation from the pictures to the Chinese characters, telling the historical accumulation of Chinese from ancient to modern times and the cultural significance it carries. In order to show the vivid image of Chinese characters, the four children who just began to learn Chinese, used their bodies to show and act Chinese characters such as “ren, da, kou, shan, cong, xiu”, which made the audiences very interested in them. The children's wonderful performance seemed to tell people that the seeds of Chinese language will continue to take root on the other side of the ocean, then grow stronger and thicker. Subsequently, "Happy clapping-hands song" pushed the celebration to a climax.

China is in my heart

Surprise was still going on. Liu Dan used big brush pen, writing on the red paper generously from the analects of Confucius. The unique charm of traditional Chinese calligraphy is demonstrated by every characters, and the life of the Confucius is also presented. This is also a concise expression of the traditional Chinese spirit, showing the perfect interpretation of the Chinese spirit.

Mr. Liu Dan's devotion

The blend of language and culture between China and Spain is vividly reflected in this beautiful evening. Among them, two local musical performers from Spain brought an ensemble of Musical Instruments, using traditional Chinese musical instruments to perform Chinese music in a different way. The harmonious melody echoed with respect and friendship.

The local musician send blessing to the anniversiry

At the end of the ceremony, Han Dongyu, Vice President of Northeast Normal University, delivered a speech. Han expressed the hope and wishes for the future cooperation between the two universities. The achievements of the Confucius Institutes didn’t come easily, and the friendship between the two universities is everlasting. It is believed that with the joint efforts of China and Spain, the Confucius Institute at the University of Valencia will surely be able to write new chapters and achieve new achievements.


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