Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College Receives Media Interview

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College [Time]    2019-12-16 11:38:57 

On December 6th, local time, Adam Trafford, a reporter and photographer from The Courier, a local newspaper of Ballarat, came to Mount Clear College to shoot and interview at the Confucius Classroom located at the Language Center.

Adam is shooting Taichi demonstration

The Chinese cultural exhibits in the Language Center first attracted Adam’s attention and shooting. Then he took some photos of Taichi demonstration offered by Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom, interviewed and shot some students who took part in this year’s China Trip, a six-week trip and experience in China sponsored by the Education Department of Victoria. Finally, he asked Lynita Taylor, Principal of Mount Clear College, Jenny Bromley, Vice-Principal and Director of Confucius Classroom, and all the other staff of the Confucius Classroom to stand in the hall of the Language Center and took some photos.

Adam is shooting Taichi demonstration

After shooting, Adam had a friendly talk with Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom. Jijun Yang introduced the development of the classroom and the coming year’s plan. When he told Adam that the Confucius Classroom is planning to open a Go(Wei Qi)club in the City Library of Ballarat, he asked Jijun Yang to contact him in time so that he will go and do the interview and shooting.