Belarus Open Wushu Cup 2019 and European Confucius Institutes Wushu Cup 2019 Held at Belarusian State University of Physical Culture

[Source]    Confucius Classroom of Belarusian State University of Physical Culture [Time]    2019-11-18 17:09:33 

From November 8th to November 10th, local time, Belarus Open Wushu Cup 2019 and European Confucius Institutes Wushu Cup 2019 was held at the stadium of Belarusian State University of Physical Culture (BSUPC) in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. It was the 3rd China Wushu Contest sponsored by the Confucius Classroom at BSUPC, named “European Confucius Institute Wushu Cup” for the first time. The contest aims at promoting and developing China Wushu culture across Europe and providing a platform for exchanges among Wushu fans across the region.

The opening ceremony saw excellent performances by dragon-dancing teams, lion-dancing teams and overseas students from China. Li Wenhua, Director of the Educational Office of the Chinese Embassy in Belarus and Chen Weiwei, Press Counselor attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Then Vladimir Klinov, Vice Rector of BSUPC declared the opening.

Dragon dance

52 teams of over 600 athletes and Wushu fans from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and other European countries were drawn to the contest. Representatives of seven Confucius Institutes from Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Serbia and other European countries attended or watched it. The contest consisted of traditional Wushu routines and Wushu free combat, with divisions of men, women, adults, juniors, juveniles and several heavyweight contests. It was well-organized and splendid, athletes flexing their muscles and winning applause across the stadium.

Showdown of free combat


As the Wushu contest was under way, teachers of the Confucius Classroom at BSUPC were holding various activities of experiencing traditional Chinese culture in the stadium hall, including such traditional Chinese sports events as Chinese Wushu, battledore and shuttlecock and such traditional Chinese arts programs as calligraphy, tea-making, Beijing opera facial make-ups and paper cutting. Moreover, the Chinese teachers also arranged activities such as piecing together jigsaw puzzles of China’s map and knowledge contest of Chinese culture. The question banks of the knowledge contest included basic knowledge of Chinese culture and Wushu, which encouraged the participants to answer the questions enthusiastically and to learn and experience Chinese culture in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Calligraphy exhibition

Volunteer teaching Wushu

On November 11th, the Wushu contest concluded at the stadium of BSUPC with a ceremony to honor the athletes. Top athletes from each team brought excellent Wushu performances again to the audience.

Awarding ceremony

The contest and cultural activities have won acclaim from all walks of life and sparked a trend of exchanges and mutual learning of Wushu and traditional Chinese culture in Belarus. Russian National Television and other mainstream media covered the event.

The Confucius Classroom at BSUPC took the opportunity to carry out systematic and in-depth discussions on Belarus Open Wushu Cup 2019 and European Confucius Institutes Wushu Cup with other European Confucius Institutes. Through the communication, European Confucius Institutes planned to continue promoting the contest, improving its quality and increasing its presence to establish an influential European platform for Wushu exchanges.