Famous Contemporary Chinese Writer Feng Jicai Visits Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University, Thailand

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University [Time]    2019-11-12 08:58:45 

On October 24th, Feng Jicai, a famous contemporary Chinese writer, the counselor to the State Council and the honorary president of the Thai-Chinese Artists Association, and his wife were invited to visit the Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University. They were warmly welcomed by the Chinese director Shen Yi and the teachers of the Confucius Institute.

After the visit, Feng Jicai had an academic discussion with Shen Yi and other Confucius Institute teachers. Shen Yi gave an introduction about the work of the Institute and the achievements in Chinese teaching and Chinese cultural promotion, etc.

Visiting the Confucius Institute

Feng Jicai hoped that the Confucius Institute could learn and use international experience for academic research, and also pointed out the “cultural symbols” and “cultural memory” in cultural promotion and cultural inheritance are of importance to the building of “confidence in culture”. He said that the most impressive part of the visit to Chiang Mai is the temple and the old city. For Chiang Mai, traditional architecture is a symbol that has been condensed for thousands of years of historical development. When foreigners come to China, they first feel Chinese symbols such as skin color, architecture and history as well. The Confucius Institute is also a Chinese symbol in foreign countries. When promoting Chinese culture, we could introduce Chinese symbols first and guide foreigners to understand Chinese culture step by step.

The meeting

About cultural heritage, he believed that only by giving people time to enjoy cultural festivals could they have cultural memories. It is necessary for the people to truly understand their own culture, and only in the process of understanding can they be conscious. If the whole people consciously shoulder the inheritance of culture, cultural protection will not be a problem.

Group photo

In the end, Feng Jicai wrote an inscription “中泰情谊胜于”(Sino-Thai friendship is better than flowers), encouraging the Confucius Institute at Chiang Mai University to make greater contributions to China-Thailand friendship.

Story by Li Mo, Sun Wenqian; photo by Wang Yuke, Sun Wenqian