Taichi Show at Ballarat Library

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College,Australia [Time]    2019-11-07 17:07:19 

On October 31st, local time Jijun Yang, Chinese Director of the Confucius Classroom at Mount Clear College, invited by Ballarat City Council, came to Ballarat Library and showed and taught local citizens attending Language café Taichi.

The event was hosted by Katja who is responsible for Language Café. She expressed her warm welcome and thanks to the citizens and introduced Jijun Yang to everybody.

Jijun Yang talking about Taichi

Jijun Yang gave a brief talk about Taichi and the benefits of practicing it. Then he invited all the participants to follow him and practice Taichi. Everybody was so interested and learned earnestly.

Jijun Yang teaching Taichi

After the demonstration, Jijun Yang and katja had a discussion about the possibility of demonstration and experience of traditional Chinese culture at libraries of Ballarat. Katja said that she would contact Jijun Yang when making the event planning for next year.

Language café is held the last Thursday every month at Ballarat Library. The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for citizens and nationals to communicate and experience multi-cultural activities.