12th Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary Students Concludes, Italian Contestant Zheng Yanke Wins World Championship

[Source]    Confucius Institute Headquarters [Time]    2019-11-06 13:22:47 

On November 1st, the final competition and closing ceremony of the 12th Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary Students was held in Zhengzhou. Five champions from the five continents respectively participated in the finals, they were: Zhao Jiaru from Australia, Gu Siyuan from Nigeria, Zheng Yanke from Italy, Liu Chenhuang from Indonesia and Qiu Meigu from the US. They were the outstanding Chinese contestants selected from 124 contestants in 119 competition areas from 105 countries through the global overseas preliminaries, the “crossing the bridge” competition, the semi-finals and the finals in China.

After three rounds of fierce competitions in the final, Italian contestant Zheng Yanke came to the fore and won the championship of the “Chinese Bridge” competition as well as the titles of “Chinese Ambassador” and “Star of Chinese Language”.

Xu Liyi, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Henan Provincial Party Committee and Zhengzhou Municipal Party Secretary; Ma Jianfei, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters; Xu Jichao, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial People’s Congress; Huo Jinhua, Vice Governor of People’s Government of Henan Province; Gao Tijian, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Yunnan Provincial Committee; Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters; Yin Hongbin, Deputy Secretary General of the Henan Provincial People’s Government; and Zheng Bangshan, Director of the Education Department of Henan Province jointly attended the event.

The finals were hosted by Zhu Yijing and Liu Wen, with Xu Li, the news anchor of the China Central Television (CCTV), Katja Margit Yang, German Director of the Bonn Confucius Institute in Germany, and Li Bo, a professor from School of Chinese Language and Literature of Nanjing Normal University served as the judges.

The first round of competition “Qun Xiong Zhu Lu” (feudal lords vying for the throne) adopted the model of “minority vs majority”. Namely, the champions from the five continents competed with the gatekeeper team made up of twenty-five excellent contestants by answering questions. Members of the gatekeeper team were the top thirty contestants of this year’s the “Chinese Bridge”.

For each question if the continental champion gives a right answer, the number of the wrong answers given by the gatekeeper team will be the score for that champion contestant. The five continental champions demonstrated profound knowledge and wisdom when faced with various topics of science and technology, common sense and traditional culture, and their rich knowledge reserves were displayed thoroughly through the fierce on-the-spot competition.

The second round of competition “Feng Hua Jue Dai” (unparalleled manner and deportment) took the form of a sitcom displaying the scene of the five continental champions learning skills from their masters at Songyang Academy.

Zhao Jiaru from Australia performed a rap praising the development of China in the new era; Gu Siyuan from Nigeria studied Shaolin martial arts assiduously to perceive the philosophy of “unity of Zen and martial arts”; Liu Chenhuang and Hua Mulan from Indonesia sang together the Henan opera “Women are Not Inferior to Men”, bringing the audience to the ancient times across time and space; Zheng Yanke from Italy displayed that the essence of calligraphy was “perseverance”; and Qiu Meigui from the United States showed a deep understanding of Chinese cuisine culture from rice and meals in China.

The contestants from the five continents put into use what they had learnt, and combined knowledge with practices. Based on the cultural characteristics of their own countries, they gave a wonderful performance of cultural collision between Chinese and western cultures.

After two rounds of competition, Zheng Yanke and Liu Chenhuang entered the final round “Wen Ding Zhong Yuan” (usurp the throne). The two contestants took turns to answer questions. Finally, the Italian contestant Zheng Yanke won the final championship by 2 scores.

Cambry Gerardi from the United States shared a story of her connection with China by learning Chinese. She came into contact with the Chinese language when she was a child, and her mother took her to China. Later on, her family adopted three disabled Chinese children and now they have a happy family of six members.

Cappy said that the trip to attend the “Chinese Bridge” helped her to improve her Chinese and make friends all over the world as well. This is exactly where the charm of language lies, which is to connect the cultures and friendship of different places from all over the world. There was also a Shaolin martial arts show performed by the Performing Troupe of the Tagou Martial Arts School of Henan, staging a magnificent Chinese martial arts show.

On the stage of the 12th Chinese Bridge Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary Students, young students from all over the world get together in China and embrace Chinese. Growing up in a multi-culture atmosphere, young students from different countries understand and learn from each other through the bridge of Chinese to conduct cultural exchanges and contribute their own strength to further building the world’s multi-culture.