Art Show Gets People Closer and Cultural Exchanges Makes People-to-people Ties Chummier
—First “China-Angola Friendship” Art Show Is Held in Agostinho Neto University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Agostinho Neto University [Time]    2019-10-15 17:18:03 

On October 7th, local time, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the 36th anniversary of the establishment of China-Angola diplomatic relations, the Chinese Volunteer Union in Angola and the Confucius Institute at Agostinho Neto University jointly held the first “China-Angola Friendship” Art Show at the auditorium of Agostinho Neto University. This activity aimed to help the two peoples have a mutual understanding of each other’s custom and culture as well as promote the friendship between the two sides.

Group photo

Many distinguished guests were present at the activity, including Nzolamesso António, the descendant of the António royalty of Kingdom of Kongo and King of Kongo in Angola; José Kalingue, Editor-in-chief of Portal O País; Nady Ferreira, President of the Happiness Club in Angola; Pedro Magalhaes, President of Agostinho Neto University; Mauricio da Costa, Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute at Agostinho Neto University; Guo Sen, Deputy General Manager of African Division of CITIC Construction; Shu Sanhong, Executive Director of China Railway International Group Co., Ltd. (Angola Branch); Liu Zhidan, General Manager of Haishan Group; Xu Hongduo, Project Manager of TBEA Co., Ltd. in Angola; and Pan Jingjian, President of the Chinese Volunteer Union in Angola. With great support and enthusiastic response from all walks of life, this activity served as a good platform for people from both countries gathering together to enjoy a feast of culture.

Nzolamesso António greeting the audience

In his speech, Mauricio da Costa said that he was much honored to participate in the work at the Confucius Institute to enhance cultural exchanges between the two countries and the development of the two cultures. In the future, the Confucius Institute will continue to push forward the development of relevant programs including the HSK examination, the scholarship program, and the study-in-China program. The Institute is expected to become a unique platform for China-Angola cultural exchanges, so that the people and youth of both countries can have a deeper exchange and understanding with each other.

The Youth Orchestra of Angola playing the symphony

The art show kicked off with a folk song “Jasmine Flower” performed without accompaniment by students from the Confucius Institute. Wonderful China-style and Angola-style performances, including songs, music, dance and acrobatics, were presented in turns. The artful combination of the resonant violin and the lilting African drum gave the audience a refreshing surprise. The erhu solo of the “Fengyang Flower Drum Song Melody” played by a Chinese performer, later won rounds of applause from the audience. Claudio, a student from the Confucius Institute, sang a pop song “Fairy Tales”, lighting up the mood at the spot. Later on, the journalist from ZIMBO TV made an exclusive interview with him, through which he was invited to share with the TV viewers in Angola his experience in learning Chinese.

The ERHU solo of Fengyang Flower Drum Song Melody

Excellent performers continued to hit the stage. In a saxophone solo of Back Home given by a Chinese performer, the deep and delicate music not only aroused the Chinese audience’s a sense of homesickness, but also evoked empathy from many Angolan friends for their tender feelings. The traditional Samba dance brought by Angolan performers fully displayed their enthusiasm and simplicity. An Angolan child presented an amazing performance of playing while singing on the stage, earning high praise for his accomplished playing and exuberant singing. At last, a choral singing of The Moon Represents My Heart by all students at the Confucius Institute brought the art show to a successful conclusion.

The saxophone solo of Back Home

After the show, Mauricio da Costa presented a souvenir to António, King of Kongo in Angola. António highly praised the activity, and took a group photo with all the present guests.

Presenting a souvenir

Shang Jinge, the emcee and one of the organizers, said that this activity marks a new starting point for the exchanges of folk culture between China and Angola. In the future, the art show centering the two folk cultures will become an important form of mass cultural activities.