Chinese and Thai Universities Sign Collaborative Training Agreement for “Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages”

[Source] [Time]    2019-10-02 10:27:26 

On September 26th, the signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement on Collaborative Training of Master’s Degree between Shanghai University of China and the Phuket Campus of Prince of Songkhla University in Thailand was held in Phuket, Thailand. Dr. Pun Thongchumnum, Vice President of the Prince of Songkhla University, attended the signing ceremony and exchanged the letter of agreement with Kan Huaiwei, the representative of the president of Shanghai University.

Currently, as the International Chinese Language Teaching is prosperous, there’s an urgent demand for native Thai teachers who are specialized in teaching Chinese. Therefore, Shanghai University and the Prince of Songkhla University, integrating their respective advantageous disciplines based on the major of International Chinese Language Education and the major of Chinese Studies, adopted the “1+1” model and the double tutorial system to train international-oriented professionals with solid Chinese language and cultural foundations and proficient cross-cultural Chinese language teaching abilities.

The training scheme and the teaching plan of this project are formulated by the two universities. Recognizing each other’s subjects and credits, the program will be open to enroll global students in 2020. The training objective of the project is to train the native Thai teachers into specialized Chinese language teachers so as to improve Chinese language education and teaching in Thailand. The features of the training project lie in the “1+1 model” and the “Dual-Degree”, namely, after the students have successfully completed their first academic year at Shanghai University, they will enter the Phuket campus of Prince of Songkhla University in the second academic year to study and complete their academic papers. Students who meet the requirements of the training programs from both Shanghai University and Prince of Songkhla University can apply for a dual-master’s degree from the two universities.

Vice President Lin Peng said in his speech: "Thailand is a country with booming tourism. As the recent years have witnessed increasingly frequent exchanges between China and Thailand, many industries are in great need of large numbers of people proficient in Chinese. The collaborative training courses for master of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages can help to strengthen the training of native speakers into Chinese language teachers in southern Thailand and provide more opportunities for advanced Chinese studying and learning for teachers and students both in China and Thailand. "

Yang Wenbo, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at Phuket of Prince of Songkhla University, said in his speech that the signing of the ‘1+1’ dual-degree cooperation agreement couldn’t have been achieved without the dedicated efforts from both China and Thailand. The fruit of cooperation reached by both universities today will be presented as the best birthday gift for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and will also serve as the best witness to China-Thailand friendship.”

The cooperation between Shanghai University andPrince of Songkhla University began in 2003. Taking the Confucius Institute at Phuket of Prince of Songkhla University as a platform for cooperation and exchanges, the two sides have conducted sincere cooperation in the fields of Chinese language education, China Studies and business English, jointly training more than 400 Thai students. This has not only cultivated high-quality Chinese language talents for government departments, educational institutions, tourism industries, international medical science and other fields, but also laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two universities.

This project is also another case of Shanghai University to strengthen its educational cooperation along the Belt and Road Initiative. Combing the features of talent training with the practical needs of regional development, the program is also an important measure for Shanghai University to implement the “China’s Education Modernization 2035 plan”, providing a platform of practice for promoting mutual recognition of academic degrees, exchanges of standards and mutual learning of experiences between China and other countries.

As a platform and bridge for exchanges between China and Thailand, the Confucius Institute at Phuket will continue to link Chinese and Thai universities, promote educational exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, and make contributions to Chinese and Thai education.

(Story by Sun Guangyong,, Bangkok, September 26th)

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