Launching Ceremony of Styria Meets Wenzhou is Held in Austria

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Graz, Austria [Time]    2019-09-29 16:24:57 

On September 16, local time, launching ceremony of 20-episodeshort video Steiermark Meets Wenzhou was held at the auditorium of University of Graz, Austria. This video tells a story of two lovers from China and Austria and displays the cultural difference between Wenzhou, China and Steiermark, Austria.

Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Regional Minister for Economy, Tourism, Europe, Science and Research of Steiermark, Martin Polaschek, Vice Rector of University of Graz, and Chen Ping, Cultural Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Austria, were present at the ceremony. Over 400 guests from all walks of life in China and Austria attended the launching ceremony.

Activity scene

The ceremony began with classic Chinese song Beautiful Flowers under the Full Moon performed by Zhenjiang Cultural Museum Chinese Orchestra and classic Austrian song March of Steiermark presented by students of Johann-Joseph-Fux Music School.

In his speech, Martin Polaschek expressed that it is a great honor for the Confucius Institute at University of Graz (CIUG) to present wonderful Chinese cultural activities for the University of Graz and personages of all circles once again at this auditorium and provide an opportunity for people in Graz to experience a different culture.

Martin Polaschek delivering a speech

Barbara Eibinger-Miedl hoped that this video would promote the development of economy, culture, tourism and other fields in the two regions.

Barbara Eibinger-Miedl delivering a speech

Chen Ping delivered a speech fluently in German. He appreciated this high-quality cooperation and hoped that more cooperation of this kind would be carried out at the moment of the 50th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relationship between China and Austria two years later. He also expected the CIUG to continue to make due contributions to this end.

Chen Ping delivering a speech

Zhu Yunhua, Director of Wenzhou Culture Broadcasting and Tourism Bureau, congratulated via video the smooth launching of this video in Austria. She gave a brief introduction to Wenzhou’s history and status and hoped the two peoples would visit each other’s country, regions and cities.

Later, Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, Martin Polaschek, Chen Ping, and Chen Wanjie, Director of the CIUG, jointly announced the official launching of Steiermark Meets Wenzhou in Austria.

Launching ceremony

Guests and audiences present watched wonderful episode in Steiermark Meets Wenzhou. Martina, a Steiermark girl from CIUG, and Huang Lei, a lad from Wenzhou, travelled hand in hand through big streets and small alleys in Wenzhou and Steiermark and experienced Chinese and Austrian culture. In Wenzhou, Martina wore cheongsam, learned Wenzhou Opera, experienced intangible cultural heritage and tasted Chinese food. In Steiermark, Huang Lei tasted red wine, appreciated opera, experienced alpine skiing and felt “chivalry” in local region.

Martina shared with the audience what she saw, heard and felt and how she thought of Wenzhou during shooting. As a planner, scriptwriter and coordinator of this video, Chen Wanjie spoke glowingly of his original intention to launch and plan this cooperation project as well as his vision of China-Austria cooperation. He shared valuable work experience over the past 30 or more years and gave suggestions to the young people there. He said, the CIUG has always been a bridge and bond linking the exchanges and cooperation between all circles in China and Austria. In the future, the CIUG will as always make due contributions in this field.

At the launching ceremony, the Chinese Orchestra of Zhenjiang Cultural Museum performed Chinese folk music ensemble, pipa solo, flute solo, folk song sing and other programs. Students of Johann-Joseph-Fux Music School also presented wonderful Austrian traditional music. Chinese and Austrian songs were sung alternatively at the auditorium, which hold the audience in awe.

Art performance

The local TV station in Graz, Austria covered this event.