Tianjin Youth Peking Opera Troupe Tours in Russia, Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of China-Russia Diplomatic Relations

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Russia [Time]    2019-09-25 14:36:27 

From September 12th to 20th, local time, Tianjin Youth Peking Opera Troupe carried out a 9-day tour in Moscow, Volgograd, and Ellista of Russia to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of China-Russia diplomatic relations. This tour is supported by the Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Chinese Embassy in Russia and hosted by Confucius Institute at Volgograd State Pedagogical University.

During September 15th to 18th, the Troupe performed in Volgograd, the second stop of the tour, and enjoyed great popularity among the audience. Specifically, the performance drew the enthusiasm of the local people once released and it’s even hard to get a ticket. Beekman, Manager of the Tsaritsynskaya Opera Theater, said that this was the first professional Peking opera troupe had ever performed in Volgograd and that they had to add more seats for the audience since the ticket sales were such a boom.

On the evening of September 17, the Peking Opera performance “In Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of China-Russia Diplomatic Relations and Global Confucius Institute Day” was held on schedule at the Tsaritsynskaya Opera Theater. More than 600 people including Vladimir Popkov, Deputy Governor of Volgograd, Alexander Korotkov, Rector of Volgograd State Pedagogical University and guests from all walks of life in the local community relished the performance.

Performance venue

Before the show starts, the front hall of the Tsaritsynskaya Opera Theater was crowded with the excited audience who took active participation in the warm-up activities prepared by the Confucius Institute at Volgograd State Pedagogical University and Chinese Golden Dragon Restaurant, including Chinese food tasting, costume try-on, and calligraphy demonstration. Seemingly, antique photography boards, calligraphy with elegant taste and Chinese food with full aroma made the audience revel in the atmosphere with Chinese elements.

Chinese calligraphy try-out

Giving the audience a real buzz, three famous Peking Operas Da Deng Dian (or Ascending the Throne), Pick Up the Jade Bracelet and Havoc in Heaven were staged in turn. With glamorous make-ups and heavily saturated sound of the performers, the starter Da Deng Dian has captured the audience immediately, and the fascinating costumes and vivid performance have left the audience in awe and then came the Pick Up the Jade Bracelet. The performers gave out their all—postures, movements, gestures, gaits, and expressions—to lead the audience intoxicated with the show. Last but not least, the grand finale Havoc in Heaven also granted the audience an opportunity to savor the finesse of its fighting scenes. When it comes to the curtain call, thunderous applause broke out in the crowded Tsaritsynskaya Opera Theater.

Da Deng Dian (Ascending the Throne)

Havoc in Heaven

Pick Up the Jade Bracelet

The tour has been brought into the focus of many local mainstream media, including Public Television of Russia, Volgograd TV, Volgograd Radio Stations, and the local newspaper Pravda Volgogradskaia. Volgograd TV followed the tour throughout and reported the event. Du Hongyong, the director of the troupe, Shi Xiaoliang and Zhang Yue, the national first-class performer and Wang Yue, the national first-class Jinghu (a Chinese bowed string instrument in the huqin family, used primarily in Peking opera) player, were interviewed by the media and introduced to the local people the repertoire of the tour, the development of Peking Opera and other art forms such as four skills and five methods.

Representatives of Tianjin Youth Peking Opera Troupe being interviewed

This tour has promoted cultural exchanges between China and Russia and deepened the friendship between the two peoples, lighting up the Year of Theatre in Russia. It is telling that the social influence of the Confucius Institute in the local area has therefore been enhanced to a greater extent.

Story by Zhao Linjiang; photo by Liu Lili, Sun Yue