2nd Halifax Chinese Festival Held at Halifax Forum

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Saint Mary’s University, Canada [Time]    2019-09-25 14:27:23 

From September 13th to 15th, local time, the “2nd Halifax Chinese Festival” initiated and hosted by the Confucius Institute at Saint Mary’s University was held at the Halifax Forum. The event coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Over 5000 Canadian people and local Chinese gathered together to celebrate the festival and experience the colorful Chinese culture.

The event venue

Geoff Regan, Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons, Lena Metlege Diab, Representative of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly and Minister of Immigration, Mike Savage, Halifax Mayor, Robert Summerby-Murray, President of Saint Mary’s University, and Hou Jin, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Canada attended the event.

Geoff Regan delivering a speech

Robert Summerby-Murray delivering a speech

During the three-day Chinese Festival, six performances and five thematic activities were held, including fantastic performances, encompassing culture experience, bustling Chinese game area, aromatic traditional Chinese food, and exquisite handicrafts, which displayed the charm of Chinese culture in an all-dimensional manner.

As the major member of the organizing committee of the Chinese Festival, the Confucius Institute at Saint Mary’s University has left a deep impression on the participating institutions and audience for its arrangements in the early stage as well as the performances, interactive experience of culture, and different sections such as the Tai Chi performance, demonstration course of Chinese language and lecture on the traditional Chinese tea ceremony on the day of the event. After the event, Robert Summerby-Murray expressed his sincere gratitude to the Confucius Institute at Saint Mary's University for its efforts made in organizing the Festival.

Lyre-Playing and Chess Add More Fun

All of the six Chinese cultural performances on the central stage were well-attended. The programs designed by the Confucius Institute at Saint Mary’s University were performed on stage in turn and caught the eye of the audience. The Guzheng solo Spring Comes to Xiang River and Fighting Against Typhoon, pipa solo Dance of the Yi People, and violin performance of the traditional Chinese music “ Butterfly Lovers” and “Jasmine Flower” won applause and cheers from the audience.

Guzheng solo

The dance of “Pure Serene Music” with the graceful dance movements and soft melody as well as the wonderful Tai Chi Fan performance presented the audience with the grace of the mysterious east. Peking Opera, Huangmei Opera, face-changing in Sichuan Opera, Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing) show, Eight-Section Brocade and other programs brought the event to a climax.

Tai Chi performance

Apart from the performances, the Confucius Institute also organized a show and an experience class of Tai Chi, and three cultural seminars including demonstration course of Chinese language, a lecture on the traditional Chinese tea ceremony as well as a display of traditional Chinese tea ceremony.

Tour with Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings

The Confucius Institute at Saint Mary’s University set up an interactive area for cultural experience and provided the audience with various kinds of cultural experience activities, including traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy teaching, bookmarks with Chinese names, paper cutting of pandas and maple leaves, knitting Chinese knot, facial makeup in opera, stamps of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, trying on traditional Chinese costumes and taking photos, and the tea ceremony display. Many audiences gravitated to these cultural experience activities in which they appreciated the unique charm of Chinese culture.

In the booth of the Confucius Institute, the teachers there not only introduced the Chinese courses, the HSK test and the Confucius Institute scholarship program, but also brought the books from the Confucius Institute library, which attracted many audiences to the booth. The mini Chinese corner was also very popular. “Learn Chinese in 5 Minutes” enabled many Canadians without basic knowledge of Chinese language to get started quickly to learn some simple Chinese expressions.

Heart-touching Chinese Cuisine

The delicious smells spread out in the traditional Chinese cuisine area teeming with people all the time. The stall for sugar figurines of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac was surrounded by curious children. Dumplings and Tangyuan (sweet rice balls) making attracted many cooking enthusiasts. The moon cake with double yolk and lotus seed paste can be tasted for free. The local Chinese catering businesses also prepared a feast with a variety of Chinese cuisine for the local people.

Watching sugar figurine making

Enjoying the Festival with Cultural Games

The game area was bustling as well. Mahjong, poker, table tennis relay, gobang (Five in a Row), ring toss, picking up adzuki beans with chopsticks, charades game, playing drum blindfold and other games with Chinese characteristics attracted a lot of participants. They were immersed in different kinds of games with cheers from time to time.

Besides, there was a Chinese small commodities area in which people can select their favorite souvenirs among a wide range of amazing handicrafts.

Aside from the Confucius Institute at Saint Mary’s University, the Chinese Benevolent Association of Nova Scotia and Chinese Society of Nova Scotia that sponsored the event, the Educational Association of Nova Scotia, Chinese Culture & Art Club of Nova Scotia, Halifax Chinese Language School (HCLS), Chinese Students & Scholars Association at Saint Mary’s University, Dalhousie Chinese Students & Scholars Association and other Chinese community participated in the Chinese Festival. The Festival aims to display the Chinese culture, strengthen the connection between the Chinese community and Nova Scotia, and provide the local people with an opportunity to understand Chinese culture.