Republican Confucius Institute of Sinology at Belarusian State University Holds Unveiling Ceremony of Model Confucius Institute

[Source]    Republican Confucius Institute of Sinology at Belarusian State University [Time]    2019-09-25 14:14:00 

On September 9th local time, the Republican Confucius Institute of Sinology at Belarusian State University (RCISBSU) held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the building of the Model Confucius Institute and a unveiling ceremony of the Model Confucius Institute in Minsk. Many distinguished guests attended the ceremony, including Igor Karpenko, Minister of Education of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei D. Karol, Rector of Belarusian State University (BSU), Anatoly Tozik, Foreign Director of RCISBSU, Cui Qiming, Chinese Ambassador to Belarus, Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, Ning Guiling, former Vice President and full-fledged member of Dalian University of Technology, and Hu Zheng, Chief Representative of China Merchants Group to Central Asia and the Baltic Region.

Unveiling ceremony of the Model Confucius Institute

In his speech, Zhao Guocheng pointed out that, with the great support of BSU and Dalian University of Technology, RCISBSU forged ahead with determination and blazed new trails in a pioneering spirit. By doing so, its school scale was constantly expanded and the quality of school running was remarkably improved, becoming one of the most influential Confucius Institutes in East Europe and even in the world that delivers the best results. He encouraged RCISBSU to take this as a new start and continue to raise the quality of school running, highlight the characteristics of school running, play a model and leading role in Belarusian people’s learning of Chinese language and understanding of China, in modern China studies and in building a modern leading think tank in the countries along the Belt and Road and even in the world, so as to become a model in the model Confucius Institutes.

Zhao Guocheng delivering a speech

Igor Karpenko affirmed RCISBSU’s key role in the educational cooperation between the two countries and hoped that RCISBSU would cultivate more talents in Belarus who are proficient at Chinese language, know China well and are friendly to China.

Igor Karpenko delivering a speech

Cui Qiming spoke highly of BSU’s attention to cooperation with China and its support for the construction and development of RCISBSU. He encouraged RCISBSU to continue to realize common development of RCISBSU and BSU based on BSU’s advantages and influence.

Cui Qiming delivering a speech

Andrei D. Karol gave an introduction to development of “China-Belarus Academy” and “Belarus-China Academy” that were jointly founded by BSU and Dalian University of Technology and looked forward to RCISBSU’s future development orientation.

Ning Guiling expressed congratulation on RCISBSU’s rating as the Model Confucius Institute and the launching of the model building and extended gratitude to the Confucius Institute Headquarters and BSU for their investment into and support for RCISBSU.

Hu Zheng stressed the important significance of RCISBSU as a platform for exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations and said that China Merchants Charitable Foundation would continue to work with RCISBSU and support its development.

Facade of the model building

Situated in the long-established and flourishing downtown of Minsk, the model building is a four-storey detached building with historical protection. Covering an area of 3,600 square meters, it has a multi-functional hall that is able to hold 100 people, over 20 multi-media rooms with an individual capacity of 12 to 40 people, language laboratories and library. RCISBSU will also jointly build a Chinese Pavilion with the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China. The operation of the model building marks a new development period of RCISBSU.