19 Confucius Institutes in Europe Holds Joint Conference to Discuss to Play a Greater Role in Implementation of Belt and Road Initiative

[Source]    xinhuanet.com [Time]    2019-09-17 15:06:29 

19 Confucius Institutes in Europe held a joint conference in Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus, on September 9th to discuss the development of Confucius Institutes together. The participating experts believed that the Confucius Institute should play a more greater role in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative.

Igor Karpenko, Minister of Education of Belarus, spoke highly of the role the Confucius Institute played in the training of Chinese talents and strengthening cooperation with China, and hoped that under the efforts of the Confucius Institute, people will continue to improve their interests in learning Chinese language and culture, and promote the further development of Belarus-China relations.

Cui Qiming, Chinese Ambassador to Belarus, said at the conference that in recent years, under the active promotion and strategic guidance of the two heads of state, cooperation between China and Belarus in various fields has flourished, and education exchanges have continued to deepen, in which while the talent support has been provided for economic and trade investment cooperation between the two countries, it lays a sound social foundation and wins public support for the development of the development of China-Belarus relations. The Confucius Institute has made the content of China-Belarus cooperation more pragmatic and rich and it has become a platform and window for Belarusian students to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture, and has established a bridge of mutual trust and reciprocity for the Chinese and Belarusian people.

Zhao Guocheng, Deputy Chief Executive of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, said that since the establishment of the world’s first Confucius Institute in 2004, the Confucius Institute has gone through 15 years of development. Under the new circumstances of more and more countries joining the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, the Confucius Institute should improve quality and efficiency, strengthen its service capacity building, give full play to the role of language and culture in promoting the “people-to-people bonds”, and become an important platform for mutual understanding between China and other countries.

Anatoli Tozik, former Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus and Belarusian Director of the Confucius Institute at Belarusian State University, said that the Confucius Institute should be an important contributor in the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative and in the establishment of cooperative relations between various countries and China. He believed that while maintaining the existing teaching and cultural communication functions, the Confucius Institute should develop into an authoritative national or regional information analysis and research center, so as to serve the Belt and Road Initiative and provide advice on improving the efficiency of cooperation between government agencies and enterprises.

The theme of the joint conference was “Confucius Institute and the Belt and Road Initiative”. More than 50 representatives from the educational circles of China and Belarus, the Confucius Institute Headquarters and 19 Confucius Institutes in 12 countries including Belarus, Russia, Germany, Britain and France attended the conference.

(Story by Wei Zhongjie, Xinhua News Agency, Minsk, September 9th)

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