2019 Chinese Writers Festival Held in Melbourne, Broadening Dimension of Chinese Culture’s Going Global

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On September 1st, 2019, the 10th Chinese Writers Festival was held in Melbourne, Australia, with more than 100 Chinese writers from Australia, Singapore and other countries and regions participated. Yan Jingming, Vice President of Chinese Writers Association, led a six-writer delegation to participate the festival. Zeng Jianhua, Deputy Consul-General of the Chinese Consulate General in Melbourne attended and delivered a speech.

Lasting for one day, 2019 Australia Chinese Writers Festival was co-organized by the Victoria Business Confucius Institute (VBCI). Yan Jingming delivered the speech themed on Future of the Literature and shared the integrated development trend of the Chinese literature with writers in the association. The participating writers also discussed and exchanged views on the relationship between literature and film, literature review and publication, as well as the current situation and development of Australian Chinese literature.

Professor Colin Clark, Foreign Director of the Victoria Business Confucius Institute said that the VBCI greatly support such activities. Although it was founded four years ago, apart from promoting Chinese culture and language, the VBCI has also focused on the business the courses, established martial arts workshop, and held Chinese culture day activities in primary and secondary schools, etc., being committed to promote Chinese culture embraced by local people in various fields.

The Chinese Writers Festival derived from the China International Folk Arts Festival founded by the late overseas Chinese leader Yang Jinhua. Renowned Chinese writers Yu Qiuyu, Zhang Xianliang, Tie Ning, Mo Yan, Yu Hua, A Lai and Han Shaogong were all invited to participate. Yan Jingming said that communicating with overseas Chinese writers is an important part of telling a good Chinese story. With the advent of the Internet age, the style of Chinese literature has undergone great changes. Not only have the realist literary tradition and avant-garde literature begun to merge, but the development of literature demoralization also has required writers to mobilize more knowledge in more fields. Both Chinese writers and overseas Chinese writers need to have a deeper understanding of the complex and diverse contemporary China for high-quality works.

Pan Hua, President of Aust-China Writers Association told the reporter that the influence of Australian Chinese writers festival is increasing. However, it is still indispensable for overseas Chinese literature to strengthen the communication with Chinese writers and timely know the contemporary situation of China. Well-known Chinese writer, the author of the Lurk, Long Yi said in the interaction part of 2019 Australia Chinese Writers Festival that the rise of the science fiction novel usually will see the advent of scientific revolution. Chinese science fiction is emerging nowadays, which means China will contribute more in the next-round scientific revolution. It is a favorable time for overseas Chinese writers.

As a vital place of multi-culture communication and exchanges in Australia, Melbourne is known for its strong literary and artistic atmosphere. Zeng Jianhua pointed out in his speech that good literature can extend and broaden people’s lives. It is essential to handle the relationship between overseas Chinese literature and Chinese domestic culture to spread Chinese culture through the platform of the Chinese Writers Festival, so as to integrate the beauty of Chinese and western culture.

In recent years, with the increasing international influence of Chinese culture, Chinese literature and art have gained more and more recognition in the mainstream society of Australia. Some TV programs from China or about China are also quite popular with local audiences. The Australian Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) television has been broadcasting Chinese programs like If You Are The One in English since 2013, and it has still been gaining widespread of interest among audiences ranging from all walks of life. The programme also became the longest running non-English language programme in the history of Australian television. Han Jing, Head of the subtitle department at SBS, said that local viewers like the show because it is entertaining and helps enhance cultural understanding, as well as the changing times in China reflected in the programme. Therefore, while spreading Chinese culture worldwide, we should pay special attention to the interests and concerns of foreign audiences.

Australia Chinese writer Wei Min believed that if overseas Chinese writers want to gain more reputation, they need to expand writing dimension, not only reflecting things regarding Chinese migration and their life circle, but also demonstrating the writing ability of local theme of Chinese writers. In May, Wei Min completed her son’s posthumous work Jacaranda, which was the first novel to write Australian history in Chinese, causing widespread response in the region.

Hu Mei, President of the Chinese Writer Festival expressed that it is the culture of Chinese characters that enables the mainstream literature community in Australia think highly of Chinese writers, as well as improves the international status of overseas Chinese literature. He hoped that influence of literature formed by the Australia Chinese Writers Festival could make it smoother for Chinese culture going globally.

(reported by Liu Tianliang, people.com.cn, Melbourne, September, 1st)

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