Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington Holds "Teaching Experience Exchange Sharing Session" of the Volunteer Chinese Teacher

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington [Time]    2019-09-07 13:36:13 

On August 26th, the Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington held ‘teaching experience exchange sharing session’ of the volunteer Chinese teacher. The theme of this teaching exchange session is "passing on the flame from generation to generation, growing together". This exchange sharing session was hosted by Prof. Zhao Yezhu, Deputy director of Confucius institute at Victoria University of Wellington, and two Chinese language teachers from the Confucius Institute, Mrs. Lu Chunxiao and Mr. Zhou Xiaosheng, and 15 volunteer Chinese teachers from the Wellingtone participated in this experience exchange sharing session.

Volunteers of Chinese teachers shared their teaching and life today. Gu Yu who is from Beijing language and culture university and Zeng Zixia who is from Guangdong university of foreign studies university, They have taught for two years in New Zealand, they respectively from the teacher role transformation, the principle of classroom management, teachers' self-development and country from four aspects, such as teaching combining these two years of teaching practice and comprehension, the old passionate speech to other volunteer teachers. In addition, Lin Huahua who is from Xiamen university, Shared his own experience in Chinese language teaching for high school students. Then, Prof. Zhao Yezhu expressed his views on the topic of the training content of volunteer HanBan pre-service training for foreign parties. Hu Yutian, from Xiamen university, expressed the hope that the college could show the volunteers the real Chinese classroom environment in New Zealand, including the Chinese classroom in primary school, middle school and high school. Zhou Kaiting from China foreign affairs university hopes to have more training on cultural differences between China and New Zealand and case studies. Lin Lili from Xiamen university raised the issue of the handover of old and new volunteers, hoping to get the support of the Confucius institute. She hoped that she could contact the previous volunteers before she went to work, and then better carry out Chinese teaching.

Experience sharing session

The teaching experience sharing session lasted 2 hours. A group of 15 volunteer Chinese teachers expressed their opinions and made a speech, saying that they would take the past and the future and let the Chinese language bloom in every corner of Wellington.


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