Documentary Film “A la recherche du Sultan de Sulu” Released in Paris Art House Cinemas

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippines [Time]    2019-09-03 08:42:52 

Recently, Sulu and China, an academic version of the documentary film A la recherche du Sultan de Sulu produced by Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippines (AMU) in association with Real Image Media Co., Ltd, was selected into the Les Ecrans de Chine (China Screen) Documentary Festival in Art House Cinemas in Paris, Europe and will be on tour in France, Germany, Italy and other European countries in October this year. Specifically, the opening ceremony of the film festival will be held from October 4th to 6th in Paris, France.

Public screening poster of A la recherche du Sultan de Sulu

Liang Guanghan, Director of the Confucius Institute at AMU, acted as the chief planner, director, and writer of the movie A la recherche du Sultan de Sulu. Generally, the story in this documentary originates around 600 years ago when China was reigned by Yongle emperor of Ming dynasty. At that time, the ancient three kings of Sulu (now Philippine) set sail for China with their families for a tribute mission and entourage to meet Yongle emperor and establish friendships with Ming Dynasty. The eastern king Pahala died in China on his return trip. Emperor Yongle buried him in Dezhou, Shandong Province with royal standards. Pahala’s eldest son, Rakiah Baginda, returned to Sulu to succeed his father’s throne. Meanwhile, his wife remained in China with her two younger sons to guard the tomb and two sons married native Chinese Muslim. The place they have lived now becomes the Beiying Village in Dezhou City. For 600 years, their descendants have spread all over China. Today, the peoples of our two countries have been embarked on the journey of seeking the identity together.

Liang Guanghan, Director of the Confucius Institute at AMU

The film crew has been tracking and recording for more than four years, covering more than 10 provinces and cities in China and also stepping in the mysterious south of the Philippines, including many war-torn and conflict areas. The film takes Sulu and China’s 600-year cultural and historical origin, its bloodline extension and universal meaning of “identity” as its theme, and explores the thinking on the conflicts and development between countries and regions, nations and races, and individuals against the torrent of time.

Guest photo of the public screening in Davao City

On February 5, 2019, the premiere of the film’s academic version Sulu and China was officially held in Davao City, Sulu District, the hometown of Philippine President Duterte. Invited guests such as Sultan of Sulu Fuad Abdullah Kiram I, Mayor of Davao City, Philippines, Sara Duterte (daughter of Philippine President Duterte), Philippines Special Envoy to China, ambassadors of China and Philippines, leaders from all walks of life and mainstream media all spoke highly of and recognized the film.

Story by Dong Jiayao